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Top 25 Most Popular Irish Baby Boy Names

Top 25 Most Popular Irish Baby Boy Names May 31, 2016

There is so many Irish around the world, this website was created to help connect and spread the Irish connections. We are so far apart but so connected at the same time. Enjoy

Irish baby boy names

Expecting or planning a baby boy? Then consider an Irish baby boy name.

Here are the top 25 Irish baby boy names, as well as their meaning and some interesting trivia about them.

Hopefully, this comprehensive list will give you an idea of what to call your little prince when he comes to this world.

The Irish baby names are also in reverse order, meaning 25 is the most popular. The data is based on our own research and some statistics from the CSO. Curious about the top 25 Irish baby girls names? Read the post here. 

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baby boy names - Irish Baby Boy Names
Irish baby boy names


Let’s begin our list of the top 25 Irish baby boy names and their meanings:

1. Connor

Connor means “lover of hounds” and is believed to be derived from the name of Conchobhar MacNess. Conchobhar was the king of Ulster and, according to legend, was born on the same day as Jesus Christ.

2. Sean

Sean is the Irish form of John, which means “God’s gracious gift.” One popular variation of Sean in Northern Ireland is Shane, after Shane O’Neill, who defeated several armies of Queen Elizabeth I during the 16th century.

3. James

The name James has a Hebrew origin and is derived from Jacob. If you want to make it more Irish, consider “Seamus,” which is the Irish version of James. Many well-known Irishmen have been called Seamus, and one of them is 1995 Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney.

4. Aidan

Aidan is the diminutive form Aed, which means “fire” and a child bearing this name would imply that he is “born of fire.” The name is in honour of St Aidan of Iona, founder of a famous monastery on the island of Lindisfarne.

5. David/Daithi

David or its Gaelic equivalent Daithi is an old Irish name that means “swiftness” or “nimbleness.” Perhaps the most famous Daithi of all is the last pagan king of Ireland who rules from 405 to 426 AD. During his reign, Daithi led Irish fleets to raid the Roman Empire.

6. Donal

Donal or Daniel/Donald in English means “world” or “mighty.” In Hebrew, it means “God is my judge.”

7. Dylan

Dylan originated from the word dealan, which means “a flash of lightning.” It might have also originated from the Irish word for “faithful” or “loyal.”

8. Cian

Cian means “ancient” or “enduring.” One of the most famous Cians is Cian Mac Mael Muad, who was the son-in-law of Brian Boru. Legend has it that during the Battle of Clontarf in 1014, Cian led the armies from the province of Munster to defeat Viking invaders.

9. Padraig/Patrick

Padraig and its English equivalent Patrick originated from the Latin word “patricius,” which means “nobly born.” It is also the name of the patron saint of Ireland.

10. Liam

Liam is the Irish form of William, which is originally a German name. It comes from the words “will” and “helm” (desire and helmet), suggesting “strong protector.”

11. Oisin

Oisin is the name of the son of the legendary warrior Fionn Mac Cool and the goddess Sive. It means “little dear.”

12. Daragh

Daragh comes from the word “daire,” which means “fruitful” or “fertile.” Sometimes spelt as “Darragh,” it is also often used a girl’s name (Daire or Dara).

13. Ciaran

Ciaran is derived from the word “ciar,” which means “dark.” With the diminutive –in, it translates to “little dark one.” For the last 1500 years, more than 26 Saints have had this name.

14. Niall

The name could be derived from “passionate,”vehement,” or from the word “nel,” which means cloud.

15. Eoghan

Eoghan (Owen or Eugene in English) comes from an old Irish word that means “born of the yew tree.”

16. Cathal

Cathal comes from the Gaelic words “cath” (battle) and “all” (mighty), signifiying a great warrior. St Cathal (c. 666 AD) was one of the famous people to bear this name.

17. Lee

Lee is derived from the word “laoi,” which means poem. Some believe that it came from the River Lee, which flows through Country Cork.

18. Carrick

Carrick or Carrig comes from the Gaelic word for rock (carraig). Its English form is Craig.

19. Kevin

Kevin means “gentle child” or “well born.” The name is the honour of St Kevin, founder of a great monastery at Glendalough in County Wicklow.

20. Brian

Brian comes from “brigh,” which means “high, noble, and strong.” It honours Brian Boru, the most revered High King of Ireland.

21. Ronan

Ronan is derived from the Gaelic word “ron,” which means “little seal.” Ronan was also the name of a king of Leinster.

22. Cormac

Cormac is the Old Irish word “corbmac,” meaning the “son of the charioteer. It is sometimes spelt as Cormack or Cormick.

23. Cillian

Cillian comes from the Irish word “cille,” which means “associated with the church.” Some said it meant “strife.”

24. Ruari/Rory

It means the “red king” or “great king.” Rory O’Connor is perhaps the most famous Rory. He was the last High King of Ireland.

25. Jack

Jack is a variation of the name John or Sean in Irish that means “God’s gracious gift.”

Top 25 Irish Baby Boy Names
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There is so many Irish around the world, this website was created to help connect and spread the Irish connections. We are so far apart but so connected at the same time. Enjoy