Olympic Skater ‘Irish Dances’ Across Ice, Brings Entire Stadium To Their Feet

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Be prepared to be blown away by U.S. national champion figure skater Jason Brown.

The song in this remarkable video is “Reel Around The Sun” from the Riverdance show.

His performance has to be one of the greatest skatings I’ve ever seen.

His technical skills were precise, his required jumps were flawless, his speed and power complemented the rest of Jason’s routine.

Not to mention his synchronicity with the music.

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12 thoughts on “Olympic Skater ‘Irish Dances’ Across Ice, Brings Entire Stadium To Their Feet”

  1. Great Post. I try to be thankful for something every day. There is always something to be happy about and thankful for in everyone”s day. Life is never perfect. The skater who won gold in this past Olympic Games fell 3 times in the world competition last night. Every time after the fall she got up again and continued. Her great upset did not show until she got off the ice. I am sure she will learn much about herself, and about not always being perfect in the next months. A golfer at the Masters this weekend dislocated his ankle while walking down a hill. He pushed it back in place and continued his play. To be free in life requires you always get up and continue and to be thankful for all that did go right each day. I am sure the skater and golfer were thankful they both could continue without serious injuries. Both at a difficult time did not give away their power. Their life may be the life so many would look at as wonderful, but each are very much in control. This is part of reason they got to a high level. I am sure they had people along the way say to them, “you can make it. As well as people saying the opposite. But each owned and wrote their own story they wanted for themselves. They learned how important it is to be fearless, take on challenges and not worry what others say when your day was not perfect and things did not go as you expected. CLOVER

  2. I was/am amazed at his performance! While I was watching it, my right foot started bouncing to the beat, unbeknownst to me at first. His amazing continual spins had me at hello! Thank you for making my evening. I am hoping to be able to somehow copy this to show on my television at my St. Patrick’s Day dinner! Thanks!

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