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The Awen Celtic Symbol – The Three Rays Of Light From Ancient Times

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The Awen first on our list of 10 ancient Celtic symbols.

In the Celtic language, the word “Awen” means essence or inspiration.

For pronunciation, it can either be said as “ah-when”, “ou-when”, or “ah-oo-en”.

A neo-Druid symbol whose invention is attributed to an 18th-century Welsh poet named Iolo Morgannwg.

The Awen symbol is fairly simple in design.

The Awen Celtic Symbol Of Light

Consisting of three rays leading up to a path to a high point of three dots all why surrounded by three circles.

There are multiple meanings for the Awen Celtic symbol.

One interpretation is main outside lines are symbolic of both man and women while the inside line represents balance.

See below what a typical Awen symbol should look like.

Celtic symbol and their meanings

A typical Awen symbol.

The most popular interpretation of the Awen symbol

By far the most popular meaning of the Awen is three rays of light.

The number three is a very sacred number not just in Druidry but also in Celtic culture. 

The meaning of each ray of light has different meanings in culture.

Another example the Awen celtic symbol (1)

Another example minus the surrounding rings

  • Some believe that they represent three divisions of the soul( mind, body and spirit)
  • Others believe it represents the three realms we inhabit(land, sea and sky)
  • Also underworld, middle world and upper world
  • Love, Wisdom and Truth
  • Nature, knowledge and truth

So as you can see, there are many meanings for the Awen.

Interestingly the three words for Druidry that illuminate darkness are nature, knowledge and truth.

The outer rings of the Awen Celtic symbol

The three circles surrounding the symbol indicate the cyclical and timeless nature of these trinities as well as the three circles of creation.

The Awen symbol in modern day

Thanks to Neo druidism adopting it is as their official symbol it has become very popular in modern times.

The Awen jewellery in modern times.

A typical Celtic Awen pendant.

You can find the Aen in many tattoos, jewellery and clothing.

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L. Roberts

Saturday 15th of October 2022

Trying to find a printed explanation of awen. I was given a beautiful poster after I discovered my family ties into this culture. I just want a card or simple plaque that describes awen. Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you.....L. Roberts

Betty Hagendoorn

Wednesday 27th of May 2020

Ik wil een keer Ierland bezoeken. Prachtige natuur.