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Adele’s “Hello” Sung In Irish Is Absolutely Breathtaking(Including Lyrics)

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Did you ever stop and wonder what Adele’s “Hello” sung in Irish would sound like? Probably not!

But it will not disappoint, I promise. The students from Coláiste Lurgan, in Galway have come up with this fabulous cover titled Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

They have done many covers in Irish over the years but this is my personal favourite and no doubt it will be yours after a brief listen. 

But don’t take my word for it, the video has already passed 1.5 million views and Adele’s “Hello” Sung In Irish is going to reach 2 million any day now!! Well done guys!

It is great to see how they are promoting the Irish language in a new and modern way.

Watch Adele’s “Hello” Sung In Irish and be sure to share:

If you loved this these other Irish guys ended up on stage with Adele from just a Facebook video! Wow

If you would like to sing along or at least try to sing along here are the lyrics in Irish:

Hello, tú ann?
Mé smaoineamh théis na mblianta
Ar mhaith leat casadh liom?
Le ghoil siar ar chuile shórt 
Deir siad go gcneasódh am mo phiansa 
Ach, táimse fós ag fulaingt

Hello, gcloiseann tú mé? 
Tá mé síoraí breathnú siar ar an gcaoi mbíodh rudaí linn
‘S muid chomh hóg agus saor
gCuimhin leat an gliondar sular thit an domhan mórthimpeall orainn?
Muid ‘nois chomh difriúil oná chéile
Is ait an mac an saol 

Hello dhuit ag tíocht anall
Ó dheoraí grá atá faoi smál
Ag iarra’ tharla a chuir ina cheart 
Ná habair riamh go bhfuil ar ngrá thart 

Hello dhuit ón taobh thall 
Na bí chomh fuar mar níl aon chall 
Admháim mo chionnta 
Ba ormsa an locht
Nach féidir tosú ón tús ‘ríst anocht

Le do thoil

Hello, ce chaoi bhfuil?
Gach rud coinní’ ‘stigh rófhada
Tá sé seo chomh deacair
In am bogadh ar aghaidh
Scaoil uait a tharla ná breathnaigh siar 
Is fág i bhfad taobh thiar dhúinn
Ní haon rún é nach bhfuil ceachtar a’ainn i dTír na nÓg.

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Adele’s “Hello” Sung In Irish Is Incredible(as Gaeilge)


We also loved their cover of “Cheerleader” by OMI, which has racked up 1.5 million views already!!

And yes we also have the lyrics for this song as well. Give it a go! 🙂

Nuair a bhíonn spreagadh an lae uaim
Is tú an chúis – is tú a bhíonn mar ghalláin glé dom (yeah yeah)
I gcónaí casadh coirneáil
Is léir go bhfuil an t-ádh liom
Cailín’ eile iad ag gealladh
Ach ní féidir mé a mhealladh

D’teastaíonn me uait?
mbogann mé do chroi dhuit?
bhfuil tu gafa faoi mo gheasa
Abair liom go bhfuilcinnte

Ó,a chroí beidh muide gcónaí síoraí spraoi
Brionglóid fútsa gan teip gach aon oí-che
Ó,a chroí beidh muide gcónaí síoraí spraoi
Brionglóid fútsa gan teip gach aon oí-che

Véarsa 2
A’ breathnú ort le tamall
‘g iarraidh d’airde le mo chloigeann thuas sna scamaill
Nuair a thógann tú mo lámh
Airíonn gach rud sona sámh
Cailín’ eile iad ag gealladh
Ach ní féidir mé a mhealladh

Toram grá, níl aon cheist faoi
Sin an chaoi ata sé, cinnte is tú grá mo chroí
Ní athróidh mé mo intinn
Breá le mo chairde thú , síleann siad go bhfuil tú togha
Níl tada ‘nois le rá is léir don saol gur tú mo rogha

If you enjoyed this post you will love the success the two Irish guys had from one single YouTube Video

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Friday 18th of February 2022

How else can you describe this except for Awesome! Makes me prouder than ever to be Irish! I sent this to all of my boys - I know they will absolutely love it!

Irish Around The World

Friday 18th of February 2022

Glad you enjoyed and that you sent it to them. Thank you!

Mary Ellen Whittington

Wednesday 24th of November 2021

Amazing beautiful! Performance touchโ€™s my soul!

Irish Around The World

Thursday 25th of November 2021

Great to hear

Michael McCormack

Tuesday 21st of September 2021

I just don't understand how or why these kids are not on a stage doing a concert of there own. Its not like they can't sing they can. Its not all irish traditional music and singing. There's modern songs too. Why no promoter's haven't snap them up for one night only. The kids and school would be brought back by popular demand for another night add to their original night. I'd by a ticket to see the show any day.

Irish Around The World

Tuesday 21st of September 2021

Yes I would have to agree with you there. They are so talented, could easily do a great concert

Stephen McGowan

Friday 17th of September 2021

What a truly beautiful song and dance presentation. The Irish rendition by All of the troupe is just fantastic!!

Shane Ruarc

Tuesday 6th of April 2021

Beautiful โค๏ธ Thank you for sharing this masterpiece. ๐Ÿ™