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Welcome to Irish Around The World☘️

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Connecting Irish People Around The World

Hi there, I’m Stephen! Welcome to my blog where I share all things Irish!

I started Irish Around The World back in 2015 and have been sending out my weekly dose of Irish every Friday to thousands of people just like you. I share Irish jokes, Irish heritage, Irish poetry, Celtic Symbols, how to send money to Ireland and even a weekly funny video.

Latest Blog Posts:

How Often Does It Snow In Dublin?

I often get asked how often does it snow in Dublin. And you would be surprised by the answer. But sadly, snow in Dublin – as rare as a quiet…

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Best Irish Jokes Of The Year 2023

Looking for the best Irish jokes? Well, you came to the right place. Over the past year, I have been sending out a new Irish joke to my dedicated email…

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Most Popular Posts

These are some of the most popular blog posts on Irish Around The World over the years.

Olympic Skater ‘Irish Dances’ Across Ice, Brings Entire Stadium To Their Feet

Be prepared to be blown away by U.S. national champion figure skater Jason Brown, an incredible Olympic skater.

Discover The Sexiest Accents Of 2021

Just where does the Irish accent rank in the sexiest accent?

Adele’s “Hello” Sung In Irish Is Absolutely Breathtaking(Including Lyrics)

Did you ever stop and wonder what Adele’s “Hello” sung in Irish would sound like? Probably not!
The students from Coláiste Lurgan, in Galway, have come up with this fabulous cover titled Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

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