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Dad Goes Viral Singing ‘Incredible’ Ave Maria For Daughter At Disney World

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Well, well you will not be expecting a voice on this incredible singer.

A volunteer firefighter has received worldwide praise after a video of him singing Ave Maria for his daughter at Disney World clocked up hundreds of thousands of views.

Justin Gigliello, from North Stonington in Connecticut, USA, was on holiday with his family ahead of his daughter’s seventh birthday when she spotted a pianist at the Grand Floridian hotel and asked her father to sing.

We started dancing to the music and then when a piece ended she went up to the pianist and said that I play and sing. The pianist asked what piece I like and she said Ave Maria,” Justin, 30, told the Press Association.

The reaction has been “beyond what I ever dreamed,” Justin said.

I never thought something like this was possible. It has gotten so much attention. My daughter is completely ecstatic and we are enjoying every moment.

I love the way things are right now. But if anything does happen from this I would love it and embrace every second of it!” he added.

Give it a listen and be prepared to be amazed! 

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Source Breakingnews

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