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F?ck You I’m Irish | Why We Irish Are Awesome – Book Review

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Irish book review “F*ck You I’m Irish by Rashers Tierney.” 

“F*ck You I’m Irish” The title stands out immediately, and it is what first got our attention.

This Irish book review will be one of many over the next couple of months.

Each month we will have a themed month starting with November where we will be focusing on a mixture of Irish humour and Irish heritage, which is exactly what is packed into this book.

F*ck You I’m Irish is available on Amazon directly via this link. 

From the cover of the book to the last chapter we found ourselves constantly chuckling. There are so many Irish references and Irish trivia packed into this small but powerful book.

Everything from the Irish famine to speaking Irish is covered in this book. Frankly, we were surprised the author Rashers Tierney could pack so much into it.

The book is also rated five stars on Amazon and has some fantastic reviews.

Here is the book in my hands, quite small but packed with value:

F*ck you I'm Irish Book Review

Front of the book

Who is the book F*ck You I’m Irish for

We would recommend this book for anyone that:

  • Loves Irish trivia – even if you read one page a day, you would come away with something new.
  • Curious about the Irish influence in America and how the famine in Ireland affected America.
  • Curious about Irish history – Through the short chapters in the book you get a quick snap of Irish history. Ranging from where a particular slang word originated from to a Gaelic geography lesson.
  • Loves Irish humour – If there is one thing prominent in this book it is humour. As we mentioned above the author does manage to slide in some historical quotes and points. While the main Irish humour part of this book doesn’t kick in until towards the end, we can guarantee that you will laugh many times over while reading this book.
  • If you simply love all things Irish and want a book that can sum up Ireland in a short read, you can pick up the book via Amazon right here


About the author F*ck You I’m Irish

Rashers Tierney is an itinerant lecturer and anthropologist of note, presenting seminars across North America on all things Irish. His earth-shattering PhD thesis on “Flatulence in Finnegan’s Wake” has been hailed as the work that “blew apart” the clique-ish inner circle of Joycean scholarship.He is currently at work on a study entitled “Brogue mothoin,” a controversial volume on the connections between the ancient Irish craft of shoemaking and renowned Gaelic curses.Featured Review of F*ck you I’m Irish:

We couldn’t help but share this review from the book F*ck you I’m Irish, you can read more here. 

Are you Irish? Do you like interesting, funny books about your heritage? You’ll love this book! This book is so fascinating, with some great facts and tidbits about Ireland and the Irish people and culture that are so cool! There are chapters on How the Irish Made America, Irish Bad-Asses, and more! My very favorite chapters are More Magic and Mystery Than You Could Shake a Stick At and Sexy and Romantic Sons of Bitches! I love fantasy and magic, and the chapter about Irish magic was fascinating! Banshees and changelings you’ve probably heard about, but did you know about Dracula’s Irish blood? How about Fionn McCool? Sexy and Romantic Sons of Bitches is a fun chapter about the sexiness of Irish people and the culture! It’s all around a really fun, entertaining, and informative book! I had a great time reading this book. Not only did I have fun with this, but I learned a lot too. This book would make a great gift for any Irish friend or family member. I bought this for my very Irish father and he adored it. My boyfriend enjoyed flipping through it as well, and he’s not even Irish. I really recommend it.

 Conclusion on F*ck You I’m Irish

It is a quick read but can see us frequently glancing back at random chapters. It is a great table side book and no doubt will raise a few questions with guests when they arrive to your house.

The book left us more proud to be Irish by reminiccing on all of the triamphs of Ireland as a whole. Not to mention hearing some Irish slang words we had all but forgotton.

So we hope you fecking enjoy the great craic that is jam packed in this book.

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