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Over 1 Hour Of Irish & Celtic Music Collection(To Enjoy)

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This Irish & Celtic music collection is just what we needed to start the day, no matter where you are in the world Irish music just seems to bring you straight back to Ireland in a heartbeat.

We discovered this great playlist on YouTube which has well over an hour of epic Irish & Celtic music to enjoy. 

If this won’t get you in the mood for the upcoming St Patrick’s day nothing will. 😀

You can also pick up a great collection on Amazon here.

Irish & Celtic Music player

Irish musician playing a harp in Donegal

Tracklist for video 1: Irish & Celtic Music Collection:

Morrison Merrily Kissed – The Quaker
Scotland Celtic
Parting Glass – The Brown Gate – The Yellow Bonnet
The Beggerman Jig – The High Kings
Old Dé Danann – Traditional Irish Music from
Traveller – Shaun LochalshMary
Bergin & Paul de Grae – Traditional Irish Music from
Mary Bergin & Paul de Grae – Traditional Irish Music from
Bredalbane’s Reel
Des Cafferkey & Friends on
Dervish – Traditional Irish Music from
Celtic Rondo – David Garrett
Little Fairy, Big Fairy Celtic Soul
[Irish Reels] Tarboltin — The Longford Collector — The Sailor’s Bonn
Crossing The Briney – Ricky Skaggs

 Track list for video 2: Irish & Celtic Music collection

Artist Websites:…

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Track list for video 3: Irish & Celtic music collection

Included in video

Don’t forget to share this amazing collection of Irish & Celtic music with your friends and family. Have a great day and we will be posting more regularly over the coming weeks, sorry for the delay.

Which of the above 3 Irish music collections is your favourite? Comment below:

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