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15 Things You Will Only Find Funny If You Are Irish

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Check out these funny Irish photos we’ve collected, be careful you don’t hurt your jaw when it hits the floor.

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1. This road sign

road-sign-Funny Irish Photos

2. This Starbucks cup belonging to Padraig

Starbucks cup-Funny_irish-Photos

3. This perfect sign in Donegal

sign in Donegal-Funny Irish Photos

4. This unbeatable headline

unbeatable headline-Funny Irish Photos

5. This advert for a very classy American jeweller

American jeweller-Funny Irish Photos

6. This headline

headline-Funny Irish Photos

7. This riot police officer at work

police officer-Funny Irish Photos

8. This incredible headline in the Ulster Gazette

Ulster Gazette-Funny Irish Photos

9. This ‘only in Ireland’ health advice

health advice-Funny Irish Photos

10. These deeply unfortunate names

unfortunate names-Funny Irish Photos

11. This only-in-Ireland Centra sign

Ireland Centra sign-Funny Irish Photos

12. This refreshing summer drink

summer drink-Funny Irish Photos

13. This bitter disappointment

bitter disappointment-Funny Irish Photos

14. This traumatic episode for any Irish person

traumatic episode-Funny Irish Photos

15. This nutritious menu

nutritious menu-Funny Irish Photos

As found in Belfast.

Which of these funny Irish photos was your favourite?

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