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Three mobile games to brighten up your day

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guy playing pokemon go outsite

Boredom is most definitely a thing. It can occur during a long coach journey or a dead day at work. When boredom takes over, no Irish music binge or knitting mission will suffice. Games do, though. In fact, in the modern world, millions of people turn to gaming to brighten up the dullest of days. 

Thanks to the convenience it provides, mobile gaming can be sampled pretty much anywhere as long as a reliable internet connection can be established. Then, from there, the wealth of gaming opportunities that can be explored is mightily impressive, with iOS and Android users being able to gain instant access to a diverse collection of gaming products. The titles on offer have never been as good as they are today either, with innovation in smartphones enabling game developers to up the ante and release groundbreaking products. 

Mobile gaming has certainly emerged as a favoured entertainment option in 2023. Of course, there are other gaming opportunities, such as on PC or via a console machine, but they aren’t cheap. Casual gamers aren’t necessarily going to want to invest the sums of money that are required when it comes to alternative gaming platforms, either. As such, seeing as we all own a smartphone in today’s tech-based world anyway, mobile gaming is a viable option for everyone. Finding the best games can be hard, though. With that in mind, below are three much-loved favourites. 

Call of Duty is an online shooter worth sampling on mobile 

call of duty on mobile game

There has been a growing trend of console games that have made the jump over to mobile, with Call of Duty doing it with a great deal of success. Now, with Call of Duty: Mobile continuing to be one of the biggest games around, android and iOS gamers are experiencing a console classic on a miniature handheld device. While it isn’t exactly the same, Call of Duty: Mobile’s comprehensive package is still enticing for millions of mobile gamers. PUBG Mobile is another battle royale product that has experienced humongous success, with both titles deserving some serious time and attention.

Blackjack at an online casino is a go-to game for many 

Downloadable products are the most popular types of games being explored by mobile gamers, but they aren’t the only titles available. In fact, browser games are rising up the gaming ranks, with online casinos particularly thriving right now. Blackjack at an online casino is one of the best products to sample, with this classic casino banking game now being considered a solid product in the online sphere. With live versions to play and a dealer present, you can sample an authentic casino gaming experience without leaving the house while also having the opportunity to sift through plenty of other casino games. 


Pokemon Go is an innovative release like no other 

guy playing pokemon go outsite

An augmented reality mobile game that was initially released in 2016, Pokemon Go’s longevity has been impossible to ignore. Some mobile titles come and go, only to be replaced by the next creation in space, but Pokemon Go hasn’t, largely due to its impressive augmented reality feature. With players able to explore an outdoor environment as they aim to fill up their Pokédex and evolve the best catches, it’s a title that is unlike any other. Put simply; Pokemon Go can’t really be played from the comfort of your own sofa. You’ll need to walk to take down gyms and hatch eggs, while a variety of quests will keep you on your toes, too. In terms of providing a unique portable gaming adventure, Niantic, the clever people behind the game, have absolutely nailed it. 


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