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Tik Tok Dublin Girls Leave You In Stitches After Their Video

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It seems Tik Tok is making many people go viral. Only a few weeks ago for St Patrick’s day, these Irish dancing guys from Tik Tok performed live on the cliffs of Moher! And they started just from Tik Tok. 

So who are these lovely four girls? The four girls, who are of Nigerian heritage, began the video saying that they would ‘attempt’ to say some Dublin slang phrases.

This has been a trend on Tik Tok called the accent challenge. People loved the video and it has had over 250k views since! What happened next? They ended up on TV on the Late Late Show on RTE! Well done girls enjoy the video of these Tik Tok Dublin girls: 


@tolu_ibixxAttempt on the Irish accent ##fyp ##foryoupage ##accentchallenge ft @susanlovexx @tejiri121 @okefeetuk1

♬ original sound – tolu_ibix

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