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Airbnb Coupon Ireland – Plus Tips For Booking Your First Stay

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Looking for an Airbnb coupon? Register here and reserve your up to $55 off your first stay.

It will automatically convert it into the currency of where you are located. Eg $€£’s.

It is only for new accounts, so if you have registered before you will be unable to claim it(sorry),

If you haven’t used Airbnb before you are missing out!

Whether you are planning a trip to Galway, Dublin or Cork. You will find an endless selection of Airbnb’s available.

It is an incredible service and I don’t know what I would do now without it.

Like anything any new service can be daunting, especially when you are staying in a random house!

But it works and it works much better than you would expect.

I have used Airbnb in Ireland, Australia, Canada and many parts of Central America.

If you would like to claim your Airbnb coupon in Ireland click here. 

Before you book your first Airbnb there are some things I wish I had known before I first made a booking.

Tip 1 for booking your first Airbnb

Airbnb coupon for Ireland

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Set your dates before you do a search:

This is the most important; it can be easy just to type your location and hit that search button.

You will see thousands of listings and when you finally find that dream place guess what… it will probably be unavailable during the dates you want to book.

Many times I went from extreme excitement to extreme disappointment when the Airbnb was already booked, or only available for half the time.

However, if you have looked with the dates and can only find a limited selection then try to do a quick search without dates sometimes you can find a place that is available during six days of your seven-day stay.

FYI if you own a house and are thinking about becoming an Airbnb host read this post. 

Airbnb coupon tip 2: Be wary of extra fees

Airbnb is amazing and once you book your first stay you wonder why the hell you didn’t use it before. However, for such a great service, they have a pretty high service fee.

At the time of writing this article, it is set at 12%. They also charge the host 3%.

Additionally depending on where you are there may be local taxes, government taxes or some form of additional taxes. These are normally quite low but do add to the costs.

You cannot avoid the Airbnb fee and while it may be quite high the level of customer service they provide is excellent.

The Airbnb coupon is already included in my weekly dose of Irish that I send out every Friday. If you are not subscribed yet, you can subscribe here.

Thanks for reading and be sure to reserve your Airbnb coupon here.

Stephen Palmer

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