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The Strongest Irish Accent You’ll Ever Hear, Seriously

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When I first saw this video on Youtube, I immediately thought, will this be the strongest Irish accent I’ve ever heard? To my delight, it indeed was. This video is from Killarney, where Colm interviews someone he heard has the strongest Irish accent. 

The video itself has had over 7.6 million views! There are also over 23’000 comments on the video, some of which are gold. 

I laughed at this one of someone who translated the timestamps: 

0:16 abooabooboogway

0:37 give me subway or give me dog away

1:09 Emma Jane Joan and jacksie

1:29 GOOD

1:39 seventy wan gon

1:42 I had my battery season in September

2:01 they won’t jelly bean me for a while

2:57 good morning vbfdhsgkskgkgs

Another great comment was:

Dude…how TF does this interviewer understand every word he’s saying lmao

So let’s get to the video. Sham is a local legend in his hometown of Killarney in Ireland.

Colm Flynn from Ireland’s TODAY Show was visiting the town and popped into one of the local pubs to chat with Sham. There is also an option to put automatic subtitles on the video, but that may make you laugh even more, haha. Enjoy this unique and brilliant interview. 

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