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Watch After An Irish Wedding The Rattlin’ Bog Comes Out!

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First of all, this girl deserves a medal! Have you ever been to an Irish wedding? Or perhaps you know an Irish person that always comes out with this song after a few drinks? And maybe, just maybe, you are saying, what on earth is ‘The Rattlin Bog’? 

“The Rattlin’ Bog” is a traditional folk song that originated in Ireland. It is a lively and energetic song that tells a humorous and nonsensical story about the various creatures and objects found in a bog, all rattling and shaking together. The song features repetitive verses, with each verse adding a new element to the rattling bog, resulting in a cumulative effect. 

In this case, the main girl has an incredible voice. When you hear music like this, that’s better than studio production; it makes you proud to be Irish. But don’t get bored of the video. The ending is even more entertaining. 

My favourite comment has to be:

If you can sing this song that well after a full session at an Irish wedding, you are not a woman, you are a goddess!

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