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2017’s Top 10 New Year Resolutions As Voted By You

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Don’t ask me where 2017 went but it certainly went fast. You might be curious about what peoples New Years resolutions are?

Twitter has revealed the most popular New Year’s resolutions that had people talking as 2017 comes to a close, highlighting what most people want to change about themselves in the coming year.

I have also shared some of my own opinions on each of the resolutions.

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new years eve 2017 most popular resolutions

Wishing you all the best in 2018

10th Most popular New Year resolutions in 2017 

Make new friends and be a better friend – Great to see some resolutions that are not self-focused.

New years 2017 resolutions make more friends

9th Most popular New Year resolutions in 2017 

Get more sleep and relax more – As technology plays a more significant role in our everyday life, it is clear to see that peoples focus for 2018 is to detach and get back to basics.

I highly recommend Shawn Stevenson’s book Sleep Smarter. It is a game changer and has improved my sleep so much.

SLeep more 2017 new years resolutions

8th Most popular New Year resolutions in 2017 

Drink less alcohol – Dry January anyone? Haha talking to a few of my friends they all seem to be doing a “dry January”. I am looking forward to seeing how many of them actually stick to it.

New year's resolutions 2017

7th Most popular New Year resolutions in 2017 

Volunteer and donate more to charity – Also another great resolution to see. Often we focus inwards and try and improve ourselves without thinking about giving back. This will certainly be on my list this year.

2017 volunteer as one of the biggest new years resoltuions in 2017

6th Most popular New Year resolutions in 2017 

Get a new job – This comes up every year. I have often said whatever you want in life; you need to go out and get it. Many of us “want a new job” but often we do nothing about it. I often hear people saying to me “Oh I’d love to be a blogger and do what you do it” the reality is if we don’t want it bad enough and do nothing to help ourselves achieve it then nothing happens.

If this is your resolutions, I wish you all the best in 2018 and be sure to take action.

2017 new year's resolutions get a new job

5th Most popular New Year resolutions in 2017 

Be nicer, kinder and more patient – As I said above it is really refreshing to see such positivity this year in peoples resolution.

4th Most popular New Year resolutions in 2017 

Save money – A lot of people aren’t taught how to save money or how to invest properly growing up. I know I didn’t learn this till only recently as I guess my parents thought I would figure it out myself haha. I would highly recommend reading a book like think and grow rich.

It covers so many things I wish they taught me in school! Now I am still working on this so this will also be on my 2018 resolutions.

2017 New Year's resolutions

3rd Most popular New Year resolutions in 2017 

Learn something new – Yes! So glad to see this in the top 10. If there is one thing, I learnt the last two years is to continue learning. There are some amazing podcasts out there like the model health show or smart passive income that helped me take my health and wealth to the next level just by investing a bit of time now and then.

I heard a crazy statistic recently that in general, 90% of people don’t learn any additional skills or techniques unless they have to i.e. work program, health reasons etc. So get out there in 2018 and learn something new, I am planning on learning Portuguese wish me luck!

learn something new year's resolutions

2nd Most popular New Year resolutions in 2017 

Read more – No need to repeat myself, but as I mentioned above great to see. If you struggle to find the time to read I would suggest scheduling a block of time every day, so it becomes a habit. Or like me, I listen to audiobooks whenever I can play with Audible(it is amazing!)

read more 2017 new year's resoltuoins

The Most popular New Year resolutions in 2017 

Dun dun da da can you guess? Diet, exercise and weight loss

Yup, no lectures from me! It will probably make my list as well haha.

New years resolutions 2017 health and weight loss

What are you 2017 New Year resolutions?

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Be sure to share this article with someone who is still setting their resolutions in place. I wish you all the best in 2018 and thank you for reading. If you are looking for some more inspiration read some of these Irish proverbs to live by in 2018! 

Stephen Palmer

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