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How Do Ancestry DNA Kits Work? Trace Your Irish Heritage

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There has been a lot of people talking in our Facebook group recently about Ancestry DNA kits and it seems there is a good bit of confusion behind it.

If you Google these DNA kits things get even more confusing.

So we have decided to put together this guide on how exactly do these Ancestry DNA kits work and of course how you trace your Irish heritage.

Firstly there is plenty of companies offering this service, but Ancestry have done well over 4 million, so it is easy to see why they are the go-to for these.

If you would like to order one click here and you can get 20% off all DNA kits for a limited time!

So how exactly do these Ancestry DNA kits work and how accurate are they?

First of all, the test is done with saliva, not blood(thank god).

Typically this is how Ancestry DNA Kits works:

Ancestry DNA Kits - What is inside the box

Be prepared to fill that tube.

  1. You order one of their kits from the website – Order here and get 20% off with our link
  2. Once you get the kit you must make sure to activate it on their website All instructions will be in the package.
  3. They send a test kit to you which contains instructions. Basically, you spit into a tube and send it back to them in a pre-paid envelope. There is a lot of spitting lol.
  4. It’s important to point out that you cannot eat, drink, smoke or chew gum at least 30 minutes before giving your saliva sample.
  5. Inside the AncestryDNA box were instructions on how to take the test, an explanation of how to register your test kit (which is very important to do because this is how you obtain your results)
  6. It goes off to the lab in the US and once all the results are complete you get an email that your results are ready.
  7. You get email updates when they receive your DNA kits and status updates as it is going through the process.
  8. Keep in mind it takes 6 – 8 weeks from when you spit in the tube to the results being available.
  9. Once everything is finished you get the long-awaited email and you can log in and view your results.
  10. Results will vary depending on a number of factors but one thing is for sure you will certainly be surprised with the results! – Order yours here with 20% off
  11. Many of us swear we are 100% Irish but you will be surprised in most cases with how far back the Ancestry DNA kits can go.
  12. Ancestry Dna kit results from test (1)

    This is not mine but gives you an over view of the results


How safe is your DNA and do Ancestry they sell it?

Another common question, you often hear they are going to


They will own your DNA forever and clone you

Haha the second one I have actually seen first hand.

If this is something you are genuinely concerned with I would advise against not doing a test. But the reality is your DNA will be safe.

Here are the facts and what they claim on the website: can retain the rights to your genetic information if you sign up for their DNA testing.

In order for Ancestry to complete your DNA test, you have to license your DNA to them. Technically speaking this could be used by third parties.


Allowing to license your DNA data does not mean they own it, in the full, permanent, exclusive sense in which that word is typically understood.

Your DNA is still only licensed, not owned, and you can still legally retract it at any time.

So you can sleep easy knowing that the clone army is not being built.

However, if you are concerned about your privacy then just don’t do the test. Problem solved.

There is this article where they cover a lot of concerns people have.

This is a quote taken directly from it:

We have not sold or provided your genetic data to insurers, employers, or third-party marketersWe protect our users within the law and require a valid legal process such as a warrant before providing any data to law enforcement.

How much does an Ancestry DNA test cost?

Ah yes, the most important question! How much will you pay? First of all the DNA kits are not available in every country. So check here and see if your country is eligible.

It varies but typically cost only US$99 for the whole kit! Now you might be saying “$99! that is crazy” but it is an analysis of your DNA. 

Once you get the results it opens a whole new world. Many of you who have taken the test have been pleasantly surprised. Some, of course, found too much “England” and were not happy haha.

We have secured 20% off all Ancestry DNA kits if you order via this link. They do occasionally have an additional 10% off but this is quite rare.

Conclusion on these Ancestry DNA tests

With anything like this, you are going to have lovers, haters and those in between. The ancestry DNA kits are a way to look into your past like you previously could never do.

It is a relatively new industry after all. So you will have many sceptics and believers.

Don’t worry about a lot of the misleading information about there.

I don’t expect this article alone will sway the naysayers but I do hope it has given you some more insight into just how the Ancestry DNA kits work and what you can expect.

Have you done your Ancestry DNA kit? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Have a great day and thanks for reading. Be sure to pin the image below to your Pinterest board

Don’t forget order yours here and get 20% off!

Be sure to pin the image below to your Pinterest board:

How To Use Ancestry DNA Kits To Trace Your Irish Heritage



Stephen Palmer

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Barbara Allyn Cain

Friday 17th of May 2019

Love this site.


Thursday 1st of March 2018

Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.


Saturday 17th of February 2018

A friend told me that when her husband was filling the tube with his saliva and he stepped out of the room for a moment she put a small amount of her cats saliva in the tube. She is hope the results will tell him he is the pussy she always thought he was.


Wednesday 3rd of January 2018

I did he test and it confirmed what I already knew. However, I’ve been told that you and your siblings will have different results, so I don’t put too much weight on the percentages. Also, I had a lot of “Great Britain” in me, but I wish it was broken down into Northern Ireland and England.


Sunday 17th of December 2017

The Ancestry DNA results verified my Irish ancestry! I was/am thrilled. I always thought I was mostly German because my paternal grandparents spoke fluent Pennsylvania Dutch...not so...the other majority of my DNA is Scandinavian. The 35% Irish Ancestry comes from my maternal grandfather. Through Ancestry matches, I met Unknown cousins, and obtained a picture of my Irish 3rd Great-grandparents!!! Karen