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Cast Your Vote For The All Time Best Irish Movies – Top Irish Films of All Time

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Well, how do you decide on a list of the best Irish movies of all time? Simply ask the audience! 

I decided instead of making a list of the best Irish movies based on Rotten Tomatoes.

Or the best Irish movies “I think are the best” it would be much better if everyone had a say and voted on their favourite Irish movies. 

The easiest way to this was on my Facebook group for Irish Around The World.

There is over 70’000 members and combined with the page of 170’000 followers it was a great platform to seek a worldwide opinion. 

But of course, a lot of people do not use Facebook so I think it is only fair to include an online poll(below) and combine the two results for a fair vote. 

The vote for the best Irish movie is not over! 

Vote for the best irish movies of all time

And nor should it be. I am going to keep the vote active for as long as Facebook allows me and the vote below will be ongoing. 

If you wish to voice your opinion simply vote for your favourite Irish movies of all time below! 

It is also likely you will not have watched every single one of these movies but if you have well done and clap yourself on the back! Comment below to let everyone know which was your favourite. 

Many of these Irish movies can be found on Netflix or Amazon

While there may be some Irish movies missing from this list it was a selection from my first public post which received over 400+ comments! 

So just to be clear this is not every single Irish movie ever made it is just a public opinion vote and I will update it once a month based on new votes that come in. You can join my weekly email here where I will update you on any changes. 

Vote for the best Irish movies of all time below: 

If you want any movie that is not on this list be sure to comment below and I will add it for public opinion. 

I look forward to seeing the results. And be sure to share this so we can get as many votes as possible! 


Best Irish Movies Of All Time

The Quiet Man
The Commitments
The Wind That Shakes the Barley
My Left Foot
In the Name Of The Father
Waking Ned Devine
The Field
The Snapper
Ryan’s Daughter
Angela’s Ashes
Bloody Sunday
The Magdalene Sisters
Into the West
The Siege of Jadotville
The Boondock Saints
The Guard
Black ’47
Song for a Raggy Boy
The General
The Boxer
The Foreigner
The Young Offenders
War of the Buttons
In Bruges
Odd Man Out
Jimmy’s Hall
Michael Collins
Adam And Paul
Darby O’Gill and the Little People
Ryan’s Daughter
Veronica Guerin
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Stuart A Thompson

Wednesday 9th of October 2019

Ryan's Daughter listed 2x's but "The Secret of Ron Innish" not even once. ;(

Lesley O'Hanlon

Wednesday 7th of August 2019

I HAVE seen all of them. The Quiet Man is really dated. It has probably got the votes because it's the only one people have heard of. Where's Ondine? My all time favourite movie. Lots of great scenery around Castletownbeare, and a wierd performance with a cracking Kerry accent by Colin Farrell

Stephanie Hindman

Wednesday 7th of August 2019

No sorry. I think Huston's "The Dead" based on Joyce's story wins hands down if you've seen it. Speaks to the Irish soul, past and present

Orla Clancy

Wednesday 7th of August 2019

Had a look at the results, how is an outdated, horribly misogynistic piece of crap like The Quiet Man the best Irish movie of all time?