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A Collection Of The Best Viral Irish Videos That Will Leave You Laughing

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For this weeks weekly dose of Irish, I was looking through a bunch of the best viral Irish videos and breaking down laughing at each one. 

So rather than just putting one into a post for you, I have decided to take the best of the best and believe me you won’t be disappointed with the viral Irish videos. 

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Best Viral Irish Videos 1: Little boy falling over at Dublin airport

Sometimes the shortest videos can be the best, this 9-second video(yes 9 seconds!) of little kid’s excitement is worthy of the list. He takes a small tumble but very entertaining. 


2: The Castletown Donkey Derby 1994

Probably the most brilliant video of all time. The laughs just don’t stop with this one. When I first saw this video many years ago I couldn’t believe how this played out. It is 8 minutes long but do not let that deter you it is worth watching every second of it. 

A comment on the video put it perfectly: 

I always thought Father Ted exaggerated things for comic effect. If anything, this video makes it seem like they were actually underplaying it!

3. World’s Worst Attempt At Parallel Parking 

I… I don’t know how this is possible. By far one of the best viral Irish videos. Over 13 million views and filmed in Belfast. It just keeps going and going, very entertaining. 


4. The Irish man falling on the ice on RTE news.

Every winter this video pops up and deserves a special mention on this list of best viral Irish videos. A timeless classic. 

5. Drunk man tries to walk up a hill(a very drunk man!)

There is being drunk and then there is this. It takes it to the next level. Very entertaining. How his sunglasses stayed on I will never know. 

6. Irish farmer loses his sheep – strong accent. 

Think you have heard a strong Irish accent? These two farmers who lost their sheep have some of the thickest Irish accents I have heard. 

7. Best viral Irish videos: Don’t make unnecessary journey’s

The video that got seen across the world. This had to make it my list of best viral Irish videos. Here is her reaction on the late late show to some of the videos. 



I hope you have enjoyed this list of some of the best viral videos and if you enjoyed it please comment below. There are plenty more videos so if you enjoyed this be sure to share so I can make more.

 If you are looking for some more entertainment the story of the black Irish of the Caribbean is fascinating. 

Thanks for stopping by have a great day. 


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Peter McDougall

Sunday 2nd of August 2020

A great laugh


Saturday 1st of August 2020

Loved the Viral movie clips very funny

Irish Around The World

Thursday 6th of August 2020

Thanks, George!