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 Fand Yields Cúchulainn To Emer – A Famous Irish Love Poem

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Starting off from my 12 Irish love poems list, I picked one of the most enchanting Irish love poems called Fand Yields Cúchulainn To Emer.  The central figure is none other than Cúchulainn, the renowned hero of countless Irish legends. It tells the tale of his profound affection for a captivating woman from the ethereal realm known as Fand.

Emer, his devoted wife, displayed unwavering determination to protect her cherished partner, while Fand, recognizing the depth of their bond, relinquished her claim on “her man” and retreated to the mystical otherworld. The poem revolves around the theme of love and loyalty, intertwining elements of Irish mythology and folklore.

It depicts the story of Cúchulainn, a heroic figure in Irish legends, who becomes infatuated with Fand, a woman from the otherworld. However, Cúchulainn’s wife, Emer, fiercely defends her relationship with him and is willing to fight for their love. Fand, recognizing the strength of their bond and the commitment between Cúchulainn and Emer, ultimately decides to release her hold on him and return to the otherworld. The poem explores the complexities of love, sacrifice, and the conflicts that arise when desire clashes with loyalty.

Anonymous (9th-12th Century)

Emer, he is your man, now,
And well may you wear him,
When I can no longer hold him,
I must yield him.

Many a man has wanted me,
But I have kept my vows.
I have been an honest woman,
Under the roofs and boughs.

Pity the woman loves a man,
When no love invites her.
Better for her to fly from love
if unloved, love bites her.

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