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Group Of Irish Swimmers Swim Cross North Channel Without Wetsuits

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The Irish sea is cold! And swimming in it well some do brave the cold. But recently, on Friday (January 14th), a group of swimmers swam across the North Channel in just over 12 hours. 

You might be saying, “oh wow, that is impressive!” but they also did not WEAR ANY WETSUITS! 

Wow. The team is led by founder Ger Kennedy, known worldwide as one of the best ice swimmers in the world. He was accompanied by swimmers Niamh McCarthy, Declan Bradshaw, Vincent Donegan, Colm Morris and Dave Berry.

All swimmers have a lot of experience with cold temperatures and have been planning a challenge since last summer.

The event was organized to raise funds for the Gavin Glynn Foundation, supporting families fighting children’s cancer.

Fantastic stuff, well done! 

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