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American Who Travelled From Cork To Donegal By Horse, Ireland In 1997

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Continuing with my weekly Irish history videos, I found this great clip from 1997.

Don Saint John and his trusty horse ‘Steady’ saddle up for a five-month-long journey into the Wild West of Ireland along The Wild Atlantic Way from Cork to Donegal.

This story is unique, and I think if it were attempted in the present day, they would struggle with modern roads and, of course, the sheer amount of vehicles on the streets. 

The American was asked, “Why on earth would you want to travel across Ireland on a horse.” 

Don Saint John replied that he wanted to travel Ireland slowly but had no way to do so with all of his stuff until he had the revelation to do it by horse. 

Although they interviewed him before his journey, I would love if they had spoken to him after it to hear his stories and experiences. 

Watch the lovely video here: 


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