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Guinness Storehouse Secures Top Spot as Europe’s Ultimate Tourist Destination in 2023

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For three decades consecutively, professionals in the travel and tourism sector and the wider public have participated in the World Travel Awards, determining outstanding achievers across diverse categories.

Notably, Top Rent A Car Bulgaria earned the accolade as Bulgaria’s foremost car rental company for 2023, while Vietnam Airlines proudly claims the title for the finest cabin crew in Asia. Fun fact: I spent a winter season in Bulgaria and actually used Rent-A-Car in Bulgaria; they were terrific to deal with. 

Not surprisingly, the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland, emerged victorious as Europe’s premier beer tour visitor experience in this year’s awards. However, its triumph didn’t end there.

Guiness storehouse best in Europe

The coveted Guiness Storehouse also clinched the coveted title of Europe’s leading tourist attraction overall, surpassing iconic landmarks such as Italy’s Colosseum, Greece’s Acropolis, and France’s Eiffel Tower—each of which was nominated.

Notably, the Guinness Storehouse isn’t a newcomer to this recognition. In 2015, it previously secured this prestigious title, and EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, another Dublin attraction, joined the nominations list. EPIC had earlier claimed victory in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

The allure of savouring Ireland’s most iconic beer at its place of origin is inherently captivating. Yet, the Guinness Storehouse transcends the typical brewery experience, resembling more of a theme park.

Visitors can immortalize their visit by printing a selfie on their beer’s frothy head, akin to a latte. Additionally, the site offers an educational tour where visitors can learn the art of pouring the perfect pint through a meticulous six-step process, exploring the premises, including its underground tunnels, all while delving into Guinness’s rich 250-year history filled with captivating anecdotes and Irish facts.

Amazing to see! Some people even claim Guinness is good for you, like this lady who got out of hospital drinking Guinness and raw eggs. 

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