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How Often Does It Snow In Dublin?

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I often get asked how often does it snow in Dublin.

And you would be surprised by the answer. But sadly, snow in Dublin – as rare as a quiet pub on St. Patrick’s Day, yet as magical as a Leprechaun’s gold when it happens! Now, let me tell you, Dublin’s relationship with Snow is a bit like a long-distance romance – eagerly anticipated but seldom seen.

Snow in Dublin at Temple Bar

Snowfall here is as unpredictable as a summer in Kerry; you might see a flurry or two between December and February, but don’t be holding your breath for a winter wonderland.

In recent years, on average, Dublin has been graced with about six days of snow each winter. But mind you; it’s more a light dusting than a blanket – the kind that makes the city look like it’s been dusted with icing sugar, but hardly enough for building a snowman worthy of a postcard.

It’s like the snow is just flirting with the city, never staying long enough for a proper visit.

However, if you are in Dublin now and wondering how often it snows, you might be in luck. 

Met Éireann reported that a big change in the weather is forecast over the coming days as the relatively mild weather of recent weeks is replaced by much colder conditions. Meteorologist Matthew Martin says, “After such a mild November, the upcoming cold spell will be a shock to the system for many. There will be a good chance this weekend to make preparations for the winter weather. 

How common is snow in Ireland? 

Snowfall isn’t a regular character in Ireland’s winter tale, with most of the season’s precipitation preferring to make an appearance as rain(and it rains a LOT!). Yet, in the more elevated and mountainous areas, a white blanket isn’t so rare. In these highland regions, you might count up to 30 snowy days a year, a common sight for the hill walkers and sheep alike. And then, there are the Wicklow Mountains, standing proudly with a bit more wintry ambition, where the locals might tell you of 50 or more days when the snow decides to settle in, transforming the landscape into a hibernating wonderland.

How often does it snow in Dublin? How often does it snow in Dublin? – The answer to how often it snows in Dublin depends on the season and the year.

A rare sight of Dublin Park under the snow

When the snow does decide to drop in, it’s usually light showers, quick to arrive and even quicker to leave. Sure, it’s not much for snowball fights or sledging, but it’s enough to transform the familiar streets into a brief winter fairy tale.

And let’s not forget the frosty mornings – those crisp, clear starts where every blade of grass sparkles, and the city holds its breath under a shimmering frost. Now, while snow might be a rare guest, cold weather is no stranger here. Winter mornings can be as biting as a north wind off the Liffey. It’s the kind of cold that’ll have you wrapping up, so be sure to have your woollies ready if you’re out and about in Dublin’s winter.

As for snow elsewhere in Ireland

Well, the north and west might see a bit more of it, but it’s still a fleeting affair. Ireland wears its winter coat lightly, with snowfall being a light touch rather than a heavy burden. And when it does snow, it’s like the whole country pauses to admire it before it disappears as quickly as it came. 

But that is not to say there is never snow. I remember back in 2018, there was a notable storm front called “Beast from the East!” and it brought more snow than I have EVER seen before in Ireland! 

So now you know how often does it snow in Dublin. Snow in Dublin is a rare but delightful occurrence, a brief moment of winter magic that’s as fleeting as it is beautiful. It’s a reminder that even in the coldest of times, there’s beauty to be found, as long as you’re quick enough to catch it!

And remember, if you’re ever in Ireland during the winter, don’t count on the snow, but do count on the warmth of the Irish welcome – it’s sure to be warmer than the weather!

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