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Irish History: Mel Gibson Sharing His Irish Heritage In 1993

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If you are subscribed to my weekly dose of Irish, you will know that moving forward I will be digging into the Irish archives to bring you some videos from Ireland’s past. You can find all Irish history videos here.

This week I enjoyed watching Mel Gibson(or Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson as his full Irish name is). 

It is from an interview in 1993 with Pat Kenny, and you have to say that Mel certainly has aged well as it was over 28 years ago since the interview. Must be his Irish roots, haha. 

Where exactly did Mel Gibson come from in Ireland? Find out in the video below: 



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Aiden OHora

Monday 29th of November 2021

The passion of Christ.Wonderful and powerful,the truth can be painful but it’s liberating.Patriot was another outstanding movie and of course Conspiracy theory.