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Irish Island Seeking A Couple To Become Summer Caretakers

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Yes, it is, in fact, true, an Irish island is seeking a couple to become summer caretakers! 

Maybe you have been reading this blog for the past few years and always dreamed of moving to Ireland? Well now is your chance! 

 The Great Blasket Island with over 1,100 acres of unspoiled largely mountainous terrain is taking job applications. 

See their job listing below: 

But sadly you will not be the first to apply. 

So far they have had over 7000 applications! And after sharing this I imagine that will double haha. 

But do not deter, if this is a dream of yours then apply! You have nothing to lose. 

The roles, suited to a couple or two friends, involves the management of the island’s coffee shop and three vacation cottages from April to October this year.
Accommodation and food are provided and wages discussed on application.
The Great Blasket Island is approx 6 km in length and the highest point (An Cró Mór) sits 292 metres above sea level. 
There is plenty of tourists arriving during the summer so it is not like you will be on your own for a few months. 
And with days off and views like this how could you argue: 

Mmm cheese

But what will my office look?

Pretty much like this: 


Are you dreaming of working on this Irish island? Stop reading and start applying! Haha.

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