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Record-Breaking Sale: Irish Whiskey Bottle Fetches a Whopping $2.55 Million!

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Would ya believe it? A single bottle of Irish single malt has just been snapped up for a staggering €2.55 million by an American collector, making it the most expensive bottle ever to be sold. That’s right, €2.55 million!

Most expensive Irish whiskey in the world!

The Emerald Isle is from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

The lads over at The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. in the heart of Dublin are dealing in some of the rarest whiskeys you could lay your eyes on. Their motto goes, “Before whiskey was anything else, it was Irish.” And they’re not wrong!

2024’s off to a flying start for them, with a chap named Mike Daley from the States coughing up this whopping sum for one of their bottles.

This sale has put ‘The Emerald Isle’, a triple-distilled gem and already the rarest of its kind, right at the top as the priciest whiskey on the globe.

Mike Daley is mad about his whiskey. He says he’s thrilled to be part of the Irish whiskey revolution, not just as a collector, mind you, but as someone who loves a good drop himself.

Daley has one of the largest private collections of whiskey in the United States

Now, Mike’s got one of the biggest personal whiskey collections in the U.S., and this latest purchase – it’s one of only seven sets around. We’re talking about a whiskey that’s been maturing gracefully for 30 years in a variety of casks.

And get this: ‘The Emerald Isle’ comes with its own Fabergé egg – with a real emerald inside, a custom-made timepiece, and a pair of Cohiba cigars. Talk about fancy!

Mike reckons that while luxury scotch is all the rage, Irish whiskey is just starting to make waves in the luxury market. He’s betting that Irish whiskey will soon be as renowned as scotch.

Jay Bradley, the brains behind The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., is over the moon. He set out to make Irish whiskey the most coveted spirit and to restore Ireland’s glory in whiskey-making. This sale is a giant leap towards that dream, and they’re just getting started!

Since 2018, Jay’s company has been scooping up awards left, right, and centre, including a Master Medal for The Donn at The Drinks Business Autumn Bling Tasting.

So, there you have it – a little tale of Irish whiskey making a big splash on the world stage. Sláinte to that! 🥃☘️

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