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Only In Ireland: True Story Of Irish Emigrant Returning To Dublin Airport

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Only in Ireland! I came across this wonderful post from an Irish expat returning to Ireland, and I had to share it. I love reading these types of posts as they remind me how great and welcoming Ireland is. A person did not mark the post, and whoever you are, if this is your post, thank you for sharing!

A true story of an Irish emigrant’s return to Dublin Airport late at night:

Irish expart returning to Ireland only in Ireland

You know you’re back in Ireland when…
– Your flight is delayed, and you will arrive at Dublin Airport at 12.15 am.
The problem is that your bus, the last one to Galway for the night, leaves the car park at 12.30 am and you still have to collect your bag!!
– If you miss the bus, you will have to try to sleep in the airport for 6 hours and get the first bus in the morning.
The problem with that is you’ll miss the all-important 9.15 am meeting with friends.
– Enter the airport, Garda! (local policeman).

I ask where exactly I have to go to get the bus and explain my dilemma – the problem is gone.

Sure, I have no problem popping out to the car park and getting the bus driver to hold on a few minutes if your bag hasn’t come out”, the Garda suggests.

I’m stunned. By the way, it’s lashing rain outside!!! 

The bag was one of the last on the carousel.

As I ran out to the bus park, sure enough, there was the Garda, making 100% sure my bus wasn’t going anywhere until I was on it.


After 10 minutes, the bus driver announces over the speakers that as it’s late at night, the weather is bad, and there’s lots of flooding, that if anyone’s mobile phone power has died and they need to contact someone to pick them up at the bus station, (our arrival time is 3 am), they are MORE than welcome to use his personal phone to make a call – and not to be shy about asking!

For those of you who have never lived abroad, for all of the fantastic things other countries have to offer,
Mark my words: ONLY IN IRELAND!

PS: it was a Citylink bus.

PPS: I see a few people sharing – if you’re proud to be Irish, please feel free to do so. ☘️☘️☘️

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