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7 Best Hangover Cures From An Irishman 🥴➡️🤗

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I don’t know how often I tell myself that I am never getting hungover again, but I do seem not to have learned my lesson. It’s 2024 now, and I wanted to share the best hangover cures that I have personally used. On particularly bad hangover days, I will use multiple of these! 🫨 

A great quote I heard one day was, “Alcohol is just fun borrowed from tomorrow”. And I also have a good laugh when I think of that, though not so much when I’m hungover. 

Best hangover cures from an Irishman

You can feel the hangover in this picture 😆

As an Irishman, I’ve had my fair share of ‘research’ in this department. Fear not, for your hangover is about to be helped. Here’s your exclusive guide to the tried-and-tested Irish elixirs and a few international surprises that’ll have you bouncing back and enjoying the day after(well, at least as much as possible). 

Seven best hangover cures from an Irishman

  1. 🥓The Almighty Fry-Up: Picture this: waking up to the smell of sizzling sausages and bacon crisping in the pan. This isn’t just food; it’s a beacon of hope in the darkest hangover hour. As an Irishman, I’ve learned that a hearty fry-up, complete with black pudding and a side of beans, is more than just a meal; it’s a restorative ritual that even my grandmother swears by. Best hangover cures the full Irish breakfast
  2. 🥛Coke or Flat 7UP with a Twist: Ah, the flat 7UP remedy – a staple in every Irish household. The fizz might be gone, but the magic remains. I recall sipping this concoction many mornings, feeling like I was receiving a gentle pat on the back from my ancestors, telling me I’d survive the day. This also works great for the flu or, if you’re feeling a bit under the weather, an Irish mammy cure. A Coke also does the job, I think mainly due to the sugars in it. 
  3. 🫖The Healing Powers of a Good Cuppa: There’s something magical about a strong cup of Irish tea. Add a splash of milk and a spoonful of sugar; suddenly, the world doesn’t seem so daunting. The steam rising from a strong cup of Barry’s or Lyons Tea can somehow soothe even the most rebellious of hangovers. I do want to emphasize that you should make it extra strong for it to work. 
  4. Pedialyte or Dioralyte(electrolyte): Pedialyte or Dioralyte, what the feck is that? Well, when the Irish weather meets a night of revelry, dehydration is a given. Downing a sachet of Dioralyte is the secret weapon against hangovers that even James Bond, or rather Daniel Craig, swears by. This diuretic, typically used to hydrate dehydrated kids, has found a place in the hangover remedy hall of fame. Craig himself, the man who’s had his fair share of vodka martinis on-screen, spilt the beans in a recent interview with Dujour, claiming that downing a bottle of Pedialyte can set you straight for another round of revelry. While Pedialyte might not be found in Ireland. Our Irish equivalent, Dioralyte, is readily available across pharmacies and stores nationwide. Consider it your local, hangover-busting hero in a sachet. You can also try LMNT, Re Lyte(personal fav!) or Lucozade. Why? Well, alcohol dehydrates you, and electrolytes well they rehydrate you. I had tried electrolytes before bed but didn’t really find it made a huge difference to the hangover – *Not professional advice* 😂
  5. Pickle Juice Power or Tomato juice (From Poland, Not Irish, But trust me, It works!): Now, this one’s a curveball – pickle juice! Strange? Absolutely. It works, but obviously is not the most delicious thing to drink. My wife is Polish, and a drinking session in Poland can be just as heavy as an Irish one. This is why, in every garage or shop, you will find tomato juice. And I swear it has saved my life over a dozen times! I mean, it literally has cured me. Why? Tomato juice is favoured for hangovers due to its hydration properties and nutrient content. Rich in potassium and antioxidants, it replenishes lost nutrients. Its acidity is one of the best cures for hangovers nausea, while natural sugars could aid in stabilizing blood sugar levels. However, individual responses vary, and excessive acidity might not suit everyone. Moderation is advised when using it as a remedy. 
  6. The ‘Hair of the Dog’ Remedy(alcoholic hangover cures): Some might say it’s madness; others call it the “hair of the dog” – a tiny nip of the same tipple that caused the trouble in the first place. A shot of whiskey or a cheeky pint might trick your body into thinking it’s back in the revelry. Be careful, though; too much, and you’ll be hungover the following day. Pro Tip: Make a Michelada!

    This is essentially beer, tomato juices and spices. Think of it like a bloody mary but with beer. You can use pretty much any larger. The famous Michelada - my favourite hangover cure!
    Why? A Michelada is considered a potential hangover cure due to its ability to aid hydration with ingredients like beer, lime juice, and spices, replenishing lost fluids. Additionally, the added salts and spices restore electrolytes, while the vitamin C in lime juice supports the immune system. Its savoury-spicy flavours may soothe an upset stomach, and some believe that consuming a lightly alcoholic beverage like a Michelada might ease hangover symptoms by alleviating alcohol withdrawal. I like to think of it as the healthy hair of the dog 😆😉 at least, that is what I tell myself. But trust me, this is one of the best Irish hangover cures(although not technically Irish, but who cares!) And if you make it correctly, it is absolutely delicious. I’ve included a recipe below as well. 

  7. The Refreshing Sea Swim or Seaside Stroll: There’s nothing quite like the Irish coastline. A brisk walk along the cliffs or, if you’re feeling adventurous (or brave enough), a dip in the sea is invigorating. I’ve taken the plunge myself on more than one occasion, and there’s a revitalizing effect that makes it one of the best natural hangover cures! 

Final notes on the best cures for a hangover

Remember, these hangover cures and remedies come with a dose of personal experience, humour, and a pinch of scepticism, but there’s no denying that they work. I did not tell you to take B vitamins or some gimpy herb called ginseng. Instead, focus on sugars, electrolytes and good quality Irish food.  

One piece of advice is not to overdo it on the hair of the dog, or you will prolong your hangover until the next day. Believe me, it has happened! 

So, thanks for reading; I hope that one of these hangover cures has fixed you. Do let me know in the comments if it has.

Sláinte! 🍻🍀

Stephen Palmer

P.S Here’s the basic Michelada recipe: 

Here’s a basic method to prepare a classic Michelada:


  • One bottle or can of beer (typically a light lager or Pilsner)
  • Freshly squeezed lime juice (from 1 or 2 limes)
  • Hot sauce (a few dashes, to taste)
  • Worcestershire sauce (a few dashes)
  • Soy Sauce
  • Ice
  • Celery salt (optional for rimming the glass)
  • Additional spices or seasonings (optional, like black pepper)


  1. Prepare the Glass: If desired, rim the glass with Tajín or chilli powder by moistening the rim with lime juice and dipping it in the spice.
  2. Add Flavors: Squeeze lime juice into the glass and add a few dashes of hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce.
  3. Ice and Beer: Fill the glass with ice cubes, then pour in the tomato juice first. Then add your beer. Play around with the ratio. I like around 35% Tomato juice and 65% beer. It doesn’t have to be exact, but you will know when you get it just right. 
  4. Optional Seasonings: Optionally, add extra spices or seasonings according to your taste preferences, such as black pepper or a splash of Clamato or Maggi sauce.
  5. Stir and Enjoy: Gently stir the ingredients to mix them well. Enjoy your Michelada immediately 🤤🤤🤤

Note: The Michelada is a versatile drink, and variations in ingredients and proportions are common based on personal taste. Adjust the quantities of lime juice, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce to suit your preferences for flavour and spiciness. 

If you have used the Michelada as a hangover cure, please comment and let me know. 

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