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Meet The Irish Dancing Crew That Just Passed 10M Views On Tik Tok

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If you have been a follower of the site for some time you will know that I regularly share some incredible Irish dancing. In particular, the group of Galway girls Irish dancing was very popular.

So when I saw this Irish dancing crew with over 10 million view on Tik Tok I had to share it. 

They posted on Facebook:

Can’t believe all the support we’ve been getting on Tiktok over the last month, especially with this video hitting 10 MILLION VIEWS 🤯 last night
Here’s to some exciting things in the near future
Thanks so much to everyone for the support 🙌🏻 It’s really appreciated ❤
Cairde Dance Company is a group of friends led by Galway man Ronan O’Connell, the youngest in the group.
They are just a group of lads who love dancing, but who also have some serious talent. 

Check out the video for yourselves: 


Short and sweet but it does look like they have a promising future ahead of them. Well done lads be sure to give them a follow on Facebook here.

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