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Quotes From Father Ted – All The Priests, Bishops and Nuns

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I have lost count of how many times I have rewatched Father Ted, it is an iconic show, and when I came across this collection of all the quotes from Father Ted, I had to share it. This little seven-minute clip features every single Priest, Bishop and Nun in Father Ted. 

I’ve actually included every mention from the clip from start to finish underneath the video. My personal favourite quote from Father Ted comes in at exactly 2 minutes 29 seconds. But really, I was laughing for the entire 7 minutes, haha. Of course, you probably know that in Father Ted, Father Noel Furlong was one of my favourite priests! Graham Norton played the part so well. 

But how can you pick a favourite? They are all etched in time. Did you have a favourite Priest, Bishop or Nun in Father Ted?

Best moments father ted and one of the great quotes from Father Ted

So it’s time to get to the clip. Be sure to share this if you enjoyed it. And if you don’t feel like sharing, then go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on… give it a share! ☘️😂



Quotes from Father Ted(in order):

  • Father Ted Crilly
    Father Dougal McGuire
    Father Jack Hackett
    Father Dick Byrne
    Father Cyril Mcduff
    Father Noel Furlong
    Father Larry Duff
    Father Paul Stone
    Father Fintan Stack
    Father Austin Purcell
    Father “Todd Unctious”
    Father Jim Johnson
    Father Cyril MacDuff
    Father Fintan Fay
    Father Billy O’Dwyer
    Father Liam Finnegan
    Father Tiernan
    Father Rafter
    Father Cafferty
    Father Leonard
    Father Damien “Damo” Lennon
    Father “Frosty” Frost
    Father Walton
    Father Joe Briefly
    Father O’Shea
    Father Cave
    Father Gallagher
    Father Flynn
    Father Liam Deliverance
    Father Barty Dunne
    Father Harry Coyle
    Father Paul Cleary
    Father Mackie
    Father Jim Sutton
    Father Jose Fernandez
    Father Seamus Fitzpatrick
    Father Brian Eno
    Father Kevin
    Father Derek Beeching
    Father Clarke
    Father Jessup
    Father Buzz Cagney
    Father Nick
    Father Romeo Sensini
    Father Ned Fitzmaurice
    Father Deegan
    Father Billy
    Father Terry
    Father Cleary
    Father Fitzgerald
    Father Reilly
    Father Williams
    Father Shaft (Donegal priest)
    The inmates of St. Clabbert’s
    The posh priest
    Bishop Brennan
    Bishop Lindsay
    Bishop Jordan
    Bishop Eddie O’Neill
    Bishop Facks
    Bishop Tom McCaskell
    Sister Assumpta
    Polly Clarke
    Sister Julia
    Sister Margaret
    Sister Monica Mulligan
    Two nuns on plane
    Sister Mary Gondola
    Sister Concepta

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