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Old Irish Videos – The Pint Balancing King Of 1986 In Ireland 🍺

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As part of my weekly Irish history videos this week, I found a great clip from 1986, thanks to CR’s video vault on YouTube. 

Some people have the strangest skills. I was in awe at this Irishman’s ability to balance a pint perfectly still on the top of his head. He says in the video that he has been practising since he was 12 years old. Not with a beer back then, of course. 

But as far as unusual talents go, this sure would be great to see in an Irish pub! He even manages a bit of a dance while holding the beer. 

Some of you might be saying, “Ah sure, it’s just one pint”, and you might be right until, of course, you get to the 3:40 minute mark.

I won’t spoil but let’s say he takes it to the next level. The clip was from 1986 interviewed by Frank Hall. Enjoy. 


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Tuesday 4th of January 2022