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Search Underway For Irish ‘Aoife’ As Message In A Bottle Surfaces In The US

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Ah, I love these stories, In the US, a message in a bottle was found from an Irish girl Aoife. RTE reported that “A message in a bottle written by an Irish girl named Aoife has been found on a beach in the United States, and the finders are on a mission to connect with the writer of the letter.”

Incredible to think of the sheer distance this bottle has travelled!

A message in a bottle engraved by an Irish girl named Aoife washed ashore on a beach in the United States, bringing distant beaches together. The recipients of this marine message are on a sincere mission to make contact with the Irish sender.

So what happened with this message in a bottle? 

On the 17th of August, Frank Bolger stumbled upon the message in a bottle while tidying up 14th Street Beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. He, accompanied by his wife Karen and their granddaughter Autumn, was engaged in a beach stroll when this unexpected treasure emerged.

Dated 17th July 2019, the note within reads: “Greetings from Ireland. I have thrown this bottle into the sea for someone to find another day. Perhaps it has journeyed to Africa or Iceland. I shall remain oblivious to its discovery, yet I harbour hopes for its revelation. Aoife.”

Frank Bolger, along with his wife Karen and granddaughter Autumn, discovered the bottle on a beach in Wildwood, New Jersey, United States. Discussing the find on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Mr Bolger shared that ‘Aoife’ had omitted any email, address, or means of identification except her first name. He recounted that he and his wife found this circumstance rather intriguing. Their curiosity led them to share the story with others, and its virality was unforeseen.

Although Mr Bolger’s own ancestral ties trace back to Ireland in the 1860s, he disclosed that he has not had the opportunity to visit the land himself. Intriguingly, he highlighted the presence of a substantial Irish community in the city of Wildwood.

A conversation with the Wildwood Sun magazine ensued, amplifying the tale’s reach. The tale resonated particularly due to the strong presence of Irish Americans in North Wildwood. The ripple effect extended across the Atlantic, sparking interest in Ireland.

Despite the growing attention, ‘Aoife’ remains enigmatic, her identity concealed. The story has ignited responses from people across Ireland, including numerous radio and TV stations. However, the seeker and sender have yet to converge, leaving this cross-continental connection in suspense.

So Aoife, if it was you be sure to reach out! I am sure they would be delighted to connect with you. 

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