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The Last Of The Cycling Postmen, Ireland 1975

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It has been a while since I put together an article on some old Irish videos. This week from CR’s video vaults, it is a clip from 1975. He was known as the last cycling postman in Ireland. And delivered posts on his bicycle for over 42 years! Postman Mike Sheehan of Goleen, West Cork, has been delivering the mail by cycling his 27-mile route.

Mike Sheehan did this 27-mile route six days a week, which is a struggle in present-day with modern bikes. But he did on a bike that was likely much heavier than present-day and throughout an Irish winter and never missed a single day! Absolutely amazing. I also read this forum where they discuss his life after his work and is believed to live until he was 107 years old! 

His friends calculated at his retirement age that he has gone through 22 bikes, 96 pairs of tyres, 240 pairs of brake pads and has cycled around ten times around the equator just delivering mail. 

The video below shows some incredible footage from his last few days as a cycling postman. Forty-two years he was cycling around 27 miles 6 days a week. I admire him, enjoy this timeless video, and for older Irish history videos, you can see them here. 


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George O'Donnel

Tuesday 3rd of May 2022

I'm having a keyboard problem with completing my post about Mike's travels as a post man. Let me try this once more: 27 X 6 weekly miles = 162 X 52 = 8,424 yearly miles X 42 years = 438,048 miles on bicycle divided by 24,901 miles around earth at the equator = 17,59 times Mike travelled around the equator. The article noted ten times around the equator. Mike's cycling for 42 years = 107 year lifespan.

George O'Donnel

Tuesday 3rd of May 2022

Mike Sheehan's travels of 42 years is fascinating and lived to 107 is a tribute to healthy active lifestyle. Let's check the math: Weekly miles 162

Christopher Dawes

Saturday 30th of April 2022

Its the Irish traditions that are to be admired. Someone like this postman of yore is a real frontline warrior serving people with a heart of Gold. People like him undoubtedly are a rarity these days, but all the same they're much lived and respected.


Friday 29th of April 2022

Simply amazing!