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Toilet Irish Dancers – The Funniest Irish Video You Will Watch Today

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Oh man, I love discovering funny Irish videos on YouTube. This one came up as quite a surprise. It is a bunch of Irish dancers doing Irish dancing but with a funny twist. They all have to use the bathroom. I found it hysterical and a great way to use Irish dance in a unique way. Yes, the video quality is a bit low, but I am sure you will find it entertaining. You can find more funny Irish videos here. But for now, enjoy this short 2-minute clip. And be sure to share! When guys have to, they have to! Haha

Lovely comment on the video: I have been a hard-core fangirl of the Lord of the Dance for quite some time. I appreciate the eye for detail in the choreography ver much. I love this thing, it’s a brilliant satire

Toilet Irish Dancers 



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Marilyn konrad

Saturday 24th of September 2022

Brilliant in every way. Choreography and dancers. Enjoyed it very very much. 😅❤️