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Video: How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass

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 I don’t know about you, but sourdough bread has to be my favourite bread to eat. It is easily digestible, tastes fantastic and is excellent for your gut. 

So like I usually do, I was browsing YouTube and looking for a good Sourdough recipe to make my own sourdough. And I was delighted not only to find a video with over 13 million views but that it was from an Irish baker. I found it on a channel I have now just subscribed to, ilovecookingIreland.

Patrick Ryan, the owner of Firehouse Bakery, demonstrates how to make your starter for your sourdough. After that, it is a matter of patience. Patrick wants to introduce everyone to how to make sourdough and show you do not need to be scared of making it. This is a simple guide on understanding how to make a simple sourdough. You can also find the full recipe here on their website. I guess to make this incredible Sourdough bread is very complicated, but Patrick demonstrates how to make Sourdough bread so quickly in the video. 

how to make sourdough bread including video

Yummy sourdough bread!

Have you ever made your own Sourdough bread? Comment below and let me know.

This video must have had the majority of views during the lockdown. By far the most comprehensive sourdough videos I’ve ever seen. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have, and be sure to share this with someone who needs this recipe. I’ve included some simple directions for making sourdough bread under the video, and I would encourage you to watch the video first before going to the instructions. 

Directions for making Sourdough bread: 

After you’re finished watching the video: 800g flour, 460g water, 10g salt, 320g starter Mix and knead, don’t add much flour.

Once the dough can stretch to translucent without tearing, it’s ready. Let proof for 3 hours.

Then punch out the air and form into a ball, divide in half, place in a bowl layered with a tea towel, and generously dust it with flour.

Shape your dough into a compact ball. Place into bowl upside down and dust with flour, then cover with your tea towel.

Let proof for 3 1/2 hours. Gently remove from the bowl by dusting with flour and flipping upside down.

Score if you want.

Put into oven at a minimum of 230°C, bake for 30-35 minutes, or with Pyrex, bake for 25 minutes, then remove the lid and bake for an additional 25 minutes. (25+25 may result in burning your bread, try 20 minutes with the cover, then remove the lid and bake an additional 10 minutes or until deep brown. A great way to tell if bread is done is by checking the bottom and seeing how dark it is.)

And… Enjoy some tasty Sourdough bread 😁

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