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8 Reasons You Should Not Visit Ireland In 2019

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This is a very serious post about why you should not visit Ireland. Very serious!

If you are planning a visit to Ireland soon be sure to read our tips on visiting Cork, Dublin and Galway.

1. Don’t expect to see much scenery

reasons not to visit ireland

2. Don’t expect to find any nice accommodation

Airbnb has some incredible Irish castle but who wants to stay in one of these? Ew!

An awful Castle you can rent on Airbnb

Kilcolgan Castle – View on Airbnb here or get your Airbnb coupon here.

3. Irish food is boring and tasteless

salmon irish food (1)

4. The beer is horrible!

5. The cliffs are nothing special

cliffs of moher Ireland (1)

6. The towns are plain and boring

ireland town

7. There are no decent beaches in Ireland

8. And these horrible trees….


There you have it eight reasons not to visit Ireland. If you are coming over be sure to read our guide on what to do in Dublin, Galway and what to do in Cork.

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Moira Fitzpatrick Noonan

Saturday 14th of July 2018

The west of Ireland is fabulous from Kerry to Donegal, and ,oh yea, don't forget to take in gorgeous Kilkenny in Southeast, where I'm from.