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Cuirt a Mhean Oíche, by Brian Merriman(The Midnight Court) Irish Poem

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I am back again with another top Irish poem. Just like you, I don’t know everything there is to know about Irish poetry. But I do find going through these Irish poems week by week unravels what life was like back in the day. 

This week’s Irish poem is number 43, titled Cuirt a Mhean Oíche, by Brian Merriman. Another poem was originally written in Irish. The poem Cúirt An Mheán Oíche (The Midnight Court) is often compared to the works of François Rabelais. It is widely regarded as the most significant work of comic verse in the history of Irish poetry. A funny poem that, when read through takes you on an incredible journey. 

The traditional practice is to divide The Midnight Court into four parts. However, most commentators recognize that the poem naturally divides into five—an opening, a closing and a three-part debate in between. I have only included the English part below. It is just shy of 8000 words, so no short read by any account! 

The midnight course poem is a story about toe poet going about his regular day but instilled with mysticism and mythical characters. 

Read all of it or read a chapter or two. Either way, Brian Merriman will take you on a journey. Enjoy 

The Midnight Court(Cuirt a Mhean Oíche)

by Brian Merriman

Part One: The Foreword

The poet walks out alone on a summer morning and
he meets a terrible maiden. She tears him after it
the day to Manham Hill where a court is being built
directed by Aoibheal, the beautiful queen of she.

I used to walk by the river
On a fresh meadow and the heavy dew,
Near the woods at the foot of the mountain
Without delay at the light of day.
My heart brightened when I saw Loch Gréine,
The land, the country, is the touch of the sky
The location of the mountains was a delightful one
Threatening their heads over each other.
For a long time the heart would wither—
Worn without meaning or filled with pains—
The bitter shriek without possession without wealth
It would take a while to look over the woods
On ducks queuing on a mistless bay,
The swan on its prey as it moves with them,
The fish with merriment rising
Perch in a gorgeous sketch scene,
The color of the lake and the blue of the waves
Coming swiftly noisy heavy,
Birds in a tree used to be merrily,
Elm jumping in nearby butter woods,
The sound of horns and the sound of horns,
Reynard’s pursuit of a strong dog.

Yesterday morning the sky was fogless,
Cancer, from the sun, was a hot berry
She is trapped to labor after the night
The work of that day before her is stretched.
I had branches on my limbs,
Grass and grass swaying beside me,
Growing vegetables and flowers and herbs
His agony would spread his thoughts.
I was exhausted and my sleep exhausted,
I stretched myself out flat in the green grass
Near the trees along a trench,
Support my head and my outstretched handles.
Tied my eyes tightly together,
Closed adhesives in cloud teal,
My face is happily hidden from flies
In a trance I suffered the tormented fly
Your bare hole stirred me to hae
But I sleep soundly without a mind.

My sleep was short when I heard, I thought,
The surrounding land swaying around
Northern anfa and fierce abduction
The harbor is the harbor of fires;
A syllable of my eye that I imagined
I looked at me by the edge of the harbor
The gorgeous smallpox
Blacksmith’s hairy, scaly bony;
His right height, if I just judge,
The remaining six or seven rods,
Precise perch for its spreading flag
Lei sa tslab le drab is draoibeal.
It was a big, wild, wild way to look
Up in his corrosive wounded face,
It was a miserable district, a worldly scare,
His magic and his mantle are a scathing mantle.
King of all if! he was strong fluent
Her hand beam is full
A brass sign topped with a spike
Bailiff’s power is up to him written.

He said boldly with bold words: –
Wake up! Stir! his ugly sleepers;
Being stretched out in your hips is depressing
It is a sitting court with thousands marching in it;
It is not a court without an act without a statute without a rule
Do not court the spoils as you have never practiced
This court moved from gentle crowds—
The court of pity of virtues and virtues.
The Granite lineage is a great claim
Gentlemen as they sat unanimously
Two days and nights on the summit of the mountain
In the courtyard of Bruion Mhá Gréine.
It’s firmly for the king’s lights
For the sake of his family she appeared,
The relation was to the group number
As all destiny has gone to the territories of Fáil—
Possession without freedom by ancient descendants,
Their law is governed by rent or superintendents,
The country was destroyed and nothing was left
Instead of herbs only weed is weed;
The nobles preferred to wander as they melted
It is a hand cream by rich deserts,
Betraying with desire and trespassing without looking
The lepers and the naked were skinned for their destruction.
Depression is a destructive evil of all slavery
Stupid delusion in blackmailing laws
The useless fan does not receive from anyone
But a deep clamor lies to destruction,
The falsity of a man of law is a factor of high strength,
Cam and fraud neglect and favor,
The cloud of law and the true color of vanity,
Blinded by bribery, fee and falsity.

All is true, and waste is not left,
The Bible was declared a doom that day
Of course you won’t get free through it, –
The nut of youth to its witheredness with greed
Ireland located in the shortage of people—
The memory of the human offspring has perished;
Countries were left empty and desolate,
War and death without space for their destruction,
The pride of kings is gone abroad
When you do no more in their place.
It is a shame for many of you to have no sheriff and no offspring
Women are a charge on sea and land,
Physical concussions and young burrows,
It is a brood of blood and flesh,
Log list and happy readings
It’s a sizzling mare who has gone in a belt;
It is unfortunate not to have such a stallions pregnancy,
It’s a pity not to have a breast and a boar,
They are often prepared for the word if they receive it
Falling to their meshes I applaud their patience.

It is a decision with sages in the territory of the council
Instead of telling them slavery: –
One of this group, fill their power,
On falling to the dice, seat in Fola.

Aoibheal offers a heart without prejudice,
Friend of Munster, sister-in-law of Leithraig,
She parted from this crowd with sages
The release of slavery in Thomond.
The choir promised this fair mourning
Powerful adherence to falsification of law,
Stand with faint and faint
Tightness must be gentle with you,
This unbridled strength must strike
The right in its right must be located;
I now promise not to fail or to power,
Miss’s friendship is Pimp’s member
I usually walk through this law
Their court is seated by the heavenly seed;
This court is now standing in the Tooth,
Walk, answer it, you have to go there
Walk fast without barking at your peril,
Walk! or tear in the mud behind you!
She hit a butter hook in the back of the cab
It is a strong winding movement,
She snatched me down through the valleys,
Managh Hill and the sweetness of the temple.

Part Two: The Ainir

A young woman speaks to the good of the court about her
trouble: the country ‘s young men are not getting married and, as
so that she is single.

In fact I saw it lit by torches
The family pleasantly adorable
Stable luminous stable light
Gorgeous, well-to-do, well-to-do,
I saw the polite little woman
Ability to sit on the tribunal of liberty
I saw a strong, swift guard
Numerous monsters pulled up with her,
I immediately saw a stuffed house
From top to middle of women and men,
I saw a majestic sparrowhawk
Deceptive beetle mouthwash
Pleasant happy blond tactical
Standing up on the oath board.
Her hair was loosened down slowly
It is a real lying concern in his view,
Energy in his sight and in his eyes
Disputes over them are boiling with evil thorns;
His talk prevented a chest burn;
Without a whimper in his silence but a mattress for his exhaustion,
It was easy to say that death was her choice
It is a flood without taste, heavy with it, –
Standing in the middle of the board in his arrow
She is rubbing her hands and squeezing her toe.
Once she swallowed fierce baths
Sighs uttered gestures
The mist cleared and her face turned pale
She wiped her face and said as I will tell: –

“You are most welcome and my heart’s desire,
Aoibheal, the ancient prophet of Leithchraig,
The lights of day and its boundless era,
His worldly riches in the bondage of slavery
A victorious sovereign from the multitudes of joy,
You were a severe deficit in Toowoomba and Lurk;
The beginning of my case is the cause of my weeping
Cause I was tormented and left
I was led astray, and I was led astray.
And I was burned as a mist in pain, –
The crowds disappear endlessly without conservation
Throughout this world of true birch bark
In their black wives uncovered spouse
Worn without reputation without offenses of prejudice.
I know myself in this amount of walking
Woman and hundred who did not wish to refuse
I am among them my prey as I am
A spade went without a man without a child.
My hurt burns my sorrow as I am
Without benefit without luxury without jewels without peace,
Sadly rewarding desolate darkness
Without sleep without sleep without mirth of night,
But insulted in uneasy anxiety stretched
On a boring cold bed we were swept away by thoughts.
The Rock looked briskly
Women of the Banba in distress,
Like if they follow the men to their frenzy
Oh, my lagar! but we must abduct them.
It’s time they wanted to get married
Time for anyone to join them!
The time that was not worth their while extended—
The doomed sublime old men.
Had fallen out with the warmth of youth
One under seven on the arrival of a beard
Bonding with a woman, it is not a desire to choose—
Pleasant seed sowing than learning,
Fine font cry or manly minion
Who knew to sit or come to your presence,
But dull dull or dull brown
Gather your help with unbelievable help!

It grieved my heart and let me go mad
My thoughts and thoughts have left me exhausted
I have been sick for a long time.
Torments crushed by weeping and wailing, –
When I see a heartfelt calm bouncer
A lively, lively, manly frenzy
Conscious, persuasive, intelligent, intelligent
Funny, sweet, affectionate,
Or a beehive bastard boy
Sovereign Hardship appointed justice
Won married tied merchants
Scattering a witch by a fool or a scorner,
Or at the filthy filth of an uninsured girl,
Stubborn stinging scornful stubborn
Arrogant, arrogant, prophetic words
A gruesome gruff sleepy search.
My prey and my wound! Molt is rude,
Unhappy hair loss,
If I bind you tonight I am all burnt,
Where is my fault that I was not elected before her?
I don’t think I would be loved
Am I so books, so modest so fine?
My mouth, my teeth and my smile are beautiful,
My face is bright, and my face is moist,
My eye is green, my throat is cracked
Ringed buckle buckle,
My cheeks and cheeks without smoke
Scary shiny shaped drawing
My pipe, my hand, my hands, my fingers,
Pulling the top of the beauty apart.
Look at my waist! Not the books of my bones,
I am neither bare nor crooked nor stubborn,
This is a hole and legs and a body that I am not ashamed of
The best calm under cover is a comment.
I am not a girl’s jumper or a woman’s winger
But a chalk arcade is perfectly nice,
No squeezing, no slipping, no squeezing, no squeezing
Do not smirk with joy without pleasure,
Rotten lodges or ineffective tokens,
But an elite young woman as elected as possible.
If I were drained like more of my neighbors,
Leadhbach list without understanding without knowledge,
No sight, no wisdom in playing my chorus,
My treachery! why should I run in despair?
I have not yet been seen near people,
Watching or burying young or old,
On the field of goal or race,
At the top of the ridges on a filled meadow,
But peacefully caught unscathed on earth
In a happy suit from top to bottom.
His right back will be of folded powder,
Starch is led in the back of my cap,
Bright hooded hoodless hood
Trout dress with ruffs right;
Rarely without gay fascism
Very enjoyable with my croissant craft,
The many herbs are raspberries and poultry
On my royal cambric zebra apron;
Narrow shaped heels
Slippery height on screw under my shoes,
Silk buckles and rings and gloves,
Slave hoops and expensive laces.
Beware, do not think that it is scary,
A fool without wisdom or shameful infancy
I fear lonely wild burden,
Insane without danger without recklessness;
I would not hide from the sight of the hundreds,
My face and face are gorgeous,
I am definitely a perpetual showman
On the smooth plain of all true driving,
Dancing, shooting, racing and radar,
Bonfires and rumors and rumors,
At a market fair and Sunday Mass,
Demanding observation, looking at all the best men.
I used my sense of ineffective debt,
I was never blinded, my liver was enslaved.
After my association, my shock, my love for them,
After I have suffered many hardships,
After a loss with the throwing of the scales,
Dumb birches and witches of cards.
There is no trick that could be read or commented on
With the coming of the age or after its fullness,
On Shrove Tuesday or November or all year round
Don’t get me wrong.
I never wanted to sleep soundly any of them
Without my stocking full of fruit under my ears,
It is true that fasting with piety did not work for me,
It’s a bite or a blog I don’t swallow three times,
Upstream I dipped my shirt,
Looking through my sleep with a whisper from my spouse,
I often went sweeping the stack,
I left nails and hair under the rash,
I put the whip under the back of the catch,
I would quietly put the spade under my head,
I would put the quill in the kiln cell,
I would put my kerchief in MacDonald ‘s lime fire,
I put the rush on the body of the street
I would put a cabbage bush in the straw.
They don’t have a trick for their immediate instincts
Do not seek the help of the demon and his brother,
Six reasons for all my story and its meaning to you
Because I am unmarried after all my efforts,
The reason for my long talk, my pain,
I have been in the bitter conflict of the years,
Pulling hard on gray days
I fear death without anyone asking me.
O Pearl of Paradise I shout and call you,
Redeem my soul to thee, I know thee and I love thee,
Avoid dropping my attention
Or butter without end without meaning without flower,
No friend, no family, no waist, no friends
On blackberry fireplaces useless unwelcome.
Her blood is on fire and thunder!
I was blinded, I was blinded,
Possession of all luxury at the choice of all evils,
The eyes of the Blood are before my eyes.
Saibh is rich and quiet,
I would love to be happy with her news,
Great and Marshal in extinguished macnas,
They mock me a lot;
Sláinge is a peaceful bitch, Síle
Sicily and Anne and their brood,
More because they are women of the country
I am because I am without offspring and without offspring.

It’s a long time without patience and patience for me,
I am weakened by melting and my medicine of power
Along with drizzle
They still enchant me magic spells
Nice boy or elegant stem
May his love and affection for me be right.
I have seen many such do
I would apply for the same proximity;
Duplicating people is a solid aid
Bites of apples and lentils,
Merry orchid, blight,
Gorgeous delusion, crash speed,
The lure of the minions, the sword of the bonsai,
The yellow society and the magic of prostitution.
Burnt foliage as if it were a secret,
There is more that should not be taught.
It was a great surprise in Thomond together
This brunch above winning a spouse;
And she told me, of course, in secret,
Inid is married from the November table
You only drank the blond hair
The burnt peat bogs are melancholy.
I wait a long time, I find redemption,
Avoid delay, arrow to speed it;
If there is no cure for me, I will not forsake you
I will apply teasing if it’s hard for me.

Part Three: The Old Man

An old man bounces down to answer the
young woman. He says that the young woman’s her own miserable life
blame that they are in trouble. He describes a
married himself and as the bride was pregnant from
another man unknowingly. (Nevertheless, he recommends
children brought up later as part of his plea
on Aoibheal to end the marriage.)

Bounces down with fierce fury
Despicable old man with a kidnapping of poison,
His limbs swaying with the speed of his breath,
Blackthorn and prize all over his bones.
The scene was indeed depressing for the court
On board in his ghost I heard him say: –
Harm and injury and constant chest pain
A cause to mischief, a seed of goats and alms,
The weakness of the sun is probably not surprising
Every tragedy that befell Ireland is still,
As all our lawless and lawless rights perish,
If they had milk-free milk without calves,
It is as if more and more countries were devastated
His news on Móir and Síle is all about fashion.
An endless token that does not remember táinte
Evil of the offspring of human beings,
Without a word to argue with your ugly ancestors
But meaningless lops, item and bag makers.
We know the swimmer who is your father,
Without a friend without a reputation without a back without money,
In his senseless gray gray without teaching,
No meter no dish no food no sauce,
Nothing on his back and body without a coat,
But a barefoot on his waist and soles.
Believe me, my people, for their sale at a fair
He and his party have paid all claims,
According to the body of the saints it was a great diligence for him
A good pot of drink to redeem his leftovers.
What a noise and a commotion among people
A pity of your kind without a cow without sheep,
Buckles in your shoes and a silk cloak,
Pocket handkerchiefs are catching the wind on you!
You blinded all life with your ghost,
I know you when it comes to coffee
It’s hard for me to speak, your bare is clear to me,
Your helpless back is far from the shirt;
You are a good person who understands what you need
Your ruff is better with your camel sleeve.
Canvas is cheap to slip to the waist
How do you know that life does not stay for your squeeze?
The country sees you as a ring and a ring
Your hand hides the most rash.
But recite on board, or I will tell it myself, –
How long have you not drank a tear with your meal?
Who plundered the poor with unwashed feet,
Hope id body with Bucks without sauce
I think your back is easy to be gorgeous,
My eyes saw the back where you lie;
Rough or smooth you are not stretched there,
Top or number of our spinning with a lathe,
But a mat in its smudges without a quilt without a cover,
A statue without a blanket without a comfort,
For a hut with no place to sit
But dripping soot and seeping up there,
Weeds coming in abundance
He is traced by the hens’ scratches,
Weak in his back and the forks bend
Landing is a heavy brown clatter.
Societies of prophets! she did not speak loudly!
She catches a gusto of gusto
In colors for silk and cloaks,
Watch them forever! yet, where is it found?
Imitate where you got this scene you claim,
It is an imitation of where you earned this meaningless lie;
It is difficult to establish that they are fairly found—
It’s not long since you were without an inch seed.
Recite where you found the value of the hood,
Imitate where you found the value of your dress,
But let’s see where the coat moved,
It is an imitation of where you found the value of the shoes.
A Aoibheal sovereign powerful charity,
I pray you, I call you, answer I am,
It is true that I am aware of Fóla’s
Suite glued by such slats.
By the hand of my friend! I know a neighbor
Near my home, close by,
A hazy, sly, sly boy
Did one of them meet him as a novelist.
My heart aches when I see my sight & #;
Her prestige, her end, her pomp and her ghost;
She owns a cow with barley growing for her,
She has pocket money and gold in her hands.
I saw her yesterday on the side of the street,
She is a strong talented woman,
Malpaire masach magach magúil,
Dead with a camus full of ladus,
If I had not inclined to arouse jealousy,
Scandal for screening or exam stories,
It was easy for me to tell exactly what I heard
She seemed disturbed,
Ripped in the middle and laughed around,
Stretched on the street or in an extended stable.
Its indication will last and comment forever
Long live the fame and laughter of her actions
In Brackan the bread and wine,
In the Land of the Fine Plains,
At the lowest and oldest of Manse and Inch,
Kilbrackan, Clare and Quin,
At the conquest of Treadra’s animal the bean
The cord is a skeletal hoop.
Watch, she nodded, after what I said
I would assume she is free under the offenses
But I will bring her to the plague one day as I see her
Hand set with extended Gárus,
Worn on the roadway without an inch under it
Grinding the turf on the roads of Blackwater.
My wonder is beyond my comprehension
I tremble faintly at the horror of this story, –
She’s to be old when everyone touches her
She is approaching a family when she has assigned herself.
It is great in his grace to say the words,
A moment of space was not required
From reading on board in front of the candle
This tEgo Vos Jesus commanded
That she blew milk softly into her breasts
But precisely nine months and a week for sure!

Look at the danger to the released
Tied to the side of this captive,
In possession of all labor, jealous of its rubbing—
Free, my sorrow! I did not receive my reading,
I know this side of life as I was
A look at my reign and my previous days,
Strong strong full of wealth,
My family is a welcome and welcome outfit,
A friend in court is my legal aid,
Sovereignty and fame and cooperation in the sages,
Tathach im speech is sum and effect,
Land is property at the site of my mind!
My peaceful and contented mind—
I miss a woman my meaning and my health!
She was fond of the books of the female sculptor,
She had standing and com and body and bones,
Turning its back into a treacherous buckle,
His face lit up brightly,
The look of her youth is the luxury of her laughter,
An invitation to print for a kiss is most welcome!
But I trembled with unbridled desire without friends
From baptism to base to love.
There is no doubt in the world that revenge is
Danartha brown me to my detriment
I felt heavy on the basis of my actions
From Heaven with the desire of your bare fill me.
Knotted to the knot of the clergy,
We are bound together,
The sum of all claims is uncertain
I was dealing with nonsense that day.
Fair enough, I should not criticize—
Stop the noise of the street copy,
All lame, the clerk was happy,
The overbearing priest is perhaps why!
We lit torches and neighbors right there,
Lots of food was laid on our tables
The clatter of music and endless drinking,
They were having a great party.
My need for lack of that I was not choked with food
The night of baptism or so I ask
I stretched out on a bed with a gray hair
I am a lunatic with no friend without sense.
It is an indication of what young and old find
She was a drinking and calling sports jerk
In inn huts blasting tables,
Missing in his lodgings at a single marriage.
Her testimonial and description took a long time to grind
For a long time I believed more or less,
Both of them were frightened when they heard it
That I would go crazy without reporting.
Still I would not yield, blind as I was,
Your voice without effect no one mocks it;
But a joke or a useless joke
May her womb tell me the truth of every story!
It was not a matter of delusion or false dormitory,
Don’t tell me a woman was told
But the measure spoke correctly and effectively—
She gave me a son long before!
My fearless story scare—
Kids for warming me up after the night!
The abominable callousness of scholastics, –
Bound bunk and sick housewife,
Podcasts set on hot flip flops
A bucket of milk being scraped with force
Top of a whole dish is white food and sugar
At Muirinn Ní Cháimliaith the hook surgeons
More of my neighbors had a committee meeting
By the fire and hissing dancing.
They whisper near me to hear: –
Many compliments to the Light of Lights!
Although this clay has not matured
I see the father standing in his senses.
Do you see, Sadhbh aru, lying his limbs!
His sculptures without the thorns of his limbs and fingers!
The ability of the most naughty hands!
The appearance of the bones and the growth of the flesh.
They rightly thought that the native was descended
The mass of my countenance and the touch of my countenance,
My nose and face glow,
Opportunity for my font, my complexion and my look,
My eyes were fixed and even my smile
That’s why you walked from back to heel.
I get no sight or sight of the clay, –
It would be an incurable wind blight! –
At the company of the family in charge of my cousin,
At least a syllable for her the creation will melt + B222ir!
Jesus spoke harshly and referred,
Your rash threat is a rough blow,
Announced anger with ignorance,
The witches of the house must have shaken before me.
From the hesitation of the confrontation they laid it to me, –
Take care of him, avoid or pressure him,
Stir it easily, swing it gently,
Shock that she got chased beforehand;
Avoid or squeeze it, leave it lying,
Death is near, it is short;
Had he survived to a day in his print
The priest is available who would rather not live.
I untied the knot for its cover
I look straight at him stretched out on my knee,
A Muaireach I felt it was a momentary tathag,
I got angry angry
Strong broad my child in his shoulders,
Tight heels and lots of hair!
Meeting ears and adult nails,
His elbows and his bones were hardened,
His eyes matured and his eyes pierced,
I felt his strong agile knees.
Talented puppy fluffy choir
Healthy, energetic, carnal.
I scream out loud with the laughter of the country
I present to you the case of the people,
Look softly, and be sad,
The peaks of their heads are the sum of their senses;
This law changed the yoke of the clergy
The gang is often not found in captivity.
If the offspring weakened human defenses
In the land of Irish greenery,
The country is easy to replenish with heroes
Without meaningless, ineffective grids, –
Where is the need for the wedding laugh,
Spirit card and player pay,
Sowlings on board still gorgeous,
They murmur and drink and drink for their arrows,
Since the matter was matured the gift of the Son of God
Without a priest on earth to give to one another;
It’s a strong, full – bodied, wide – eyed broadcaster
Extensive to find this cheap alley.
I often see a vibrant boom
Talented filled with hearts and minds;
I do not see grief or blindness or blindness
I jump on a leash of our training from any woman;
Bigger, crazy, tighter, stronger
Their print and cleverness are no one’s legitimacy.
It’s easy to say goodbye to redemption
One of them this time around my house!
You see it quietly over there!
Fix it back and forth along the board.
Observe it carefully, even if it is young
The piece of meat is definitely positioned,
It is a bouncer of volume in body and bone
Where is his fault in his leg or arm?
Not a feeble wanderer nor a wise old man,
Crooked leprosy or genital gandal,
It is an unobstructed tumor or an unexplained sumac
But a talented, lively, energetic lance.
It’s not hard to judge that it’s not a meaningless spree
A link would be tied to a task by a woman,
Without bone without ability without appearance without waist,
Without love without society without energy without desire,
It would spread in the womb of any woman
With the cataclysm of the blackbird’s
As it implements without delay without falsehood
With the ability of his limbs and the licking of his limbs
That he was a crook created fairly flawless
With the desire for blood and the sound of health.
With that do not ask for his stellar queen
A meir was destroyed by an ineffective rule!
Release from sleep without a hood
The seed of the old man and the muddy blood,
Let go of each other by nature
The seed seed and the labyrinthine drop,
Announce festively through the countries
For young and old free will of offspring.
This law will bring wisdom to the Irish,
And the meaning will come as it was heroes,
He will think com and back and fists
By the men of the world as Gholl mac Móirne,
The sky will be bright, there will be fish in nets,
The land of the mountain is all under herb,
Men and women forever claim it,
Playing your reputation with joyous joy.

Part Four: The Ainnir Again

The ainir is again on the bench mocking the old man under
way in which he failed to satisfy his young wife. She says yes
young men should be forced to marry, without exception
for the priests of the country.

After a while the ainir listened
Your fast standing jump without patience,
She spoke to him with tears in her eyes
It is a rage of rage: –
According to the Crown of the Rock if not for surrender
Your print of your misery and lack of sense
It is a time of respect for this gentle company
The one with the nails I would snatch from your throat,
I would lay you down on the table
Every visit I receive from you is long overdue
That I would tear the wires of your life with the right desire
And that I would send your soul to Acheron wave.
I do not deserve to give you an answer,
A wrestling swimmer who does not despise your speech!
But I will tell you in the future the court
The manner in which the unworthy ainir was lost: –
She was weak, without cows and without pounds,
She was far without heat without cover,
Twisted two lives, lost two addresses
From post to bullet without relationship without proximity,
Restless without space of day or night,
Tearing the bread from women she didn’t like.
This man promised her a comfortable ride,
The spree promised her warmth and covering,
Fair and clean was her shoe,
It’s a long sleep on a fluffy bed,
Adequate warm fireplaces and peat
Windless sod walls,
Shelter and roof from the rain and the sky,
Wool and linen for spinning for garments.
You were immediately aware of this life and worm
No pleasure, no warmth, no love for him
This majestic pearl bound a woman
But all is lacking, —she was content with satisfaction!
The bustle of nightly mirth was depressing
Dust and load of prize and filling,
Leaden leggings and slender shoulders
Hard knees are as cold as heirs
Withered legs burned from the rash
It is a wise, ill – fated body.
Is an arcade alive than a gray fowl
Ever heard of being married?
Haven’t searched yet twice in a year
Who is a young boy, meat or fish?
This cold fetish is up to her stretched
Darkness without victory without pulse.
Och! a big car for her to hit lively
As was the custom at one o’clock at night.
It is unlikely that she was to blame
Do not yet fail in weakness in its wavelength
The masculine charitable charitable magistrate—
It is true that she saw the opposite of teaching.
He would not speak a word if it were the work of the night
That would give fairness to a lively stoller.
Forever in progress he never refused,
On the bone of her back and her eyes closed.
An unreasonable strike would not bounce,
Flee like a cat or tear or scratch,
But it’s all in a stretched slant,
Side by side with her limb around her,
From story to story brainstorming,
Mouth to mouth and fingering down it.
She often put a leg over it,
His brush is rubbed from belt to knee;
The blanket and the quilt were snatched from his robe
Springing and rejoicing with joyless murder.
It did not help her to save or tear or squeeze,
Fogha da hingin, da elbow, da heels.
I am ashamed to recite how she spent the night
Squeezing the knot, shearing and stretching,
Seeing the limbs and the cloth under it,
All her limbs and teeth tremble,
To the radiance of the day without cloud or cloud,
Playing from side to side and playing.
It’s not easy for this leper to talk about women
There is no energy in his waist or help in his bones,
If the module was gone it was a heavy blow
I have taken part in this trespass.
With a fox on a mountain or a fish in a beach,
Or an eagle to hunt or a deer to roam
As long as a year or a day makes sense
Do you spend your food without food?
Do you know where in this world you are
The crooked animal or the stray insect
The clay would pick the heather or the pail
Is grass in its sludge and grass to be found?
Recite without delay, tormented coward,
I answer, I find the function id stated: –
Where do you need to sit for a meal?
She spent a month at her festival!
The weakness of the rear or the minus of the present
Twenty million if a quarter walked there?
Woe to the head of the old earth,
Do you fear the scarcity of time for elements
How mad a rascal you are
Drink dry or drained Shannon?
The beach of the sea and the attraction of the sea?
Is your marine program spread to scale?
Look at the time of your thoughts
Tie your head with a band around!
Avoid in time, do not leave your senses
For fear of being a generous hospitable woman;
If she would spend the day with everyone to administer
More than enough would be available afterwards.
My sorrow and my torment were most beautiful in jealousy
On a strong, full – bodied, sleek maze
Greedy satiety happy satisfied
Ramsach, a ravenous raven, a ravenous raven,
Swivel switch, comprehensive seeker,
Permanent balker or vigorous beater,
But an old, cramped old man,
A faint viewer is a feam without a festival.

It’s time for my heart to be filled with it,
My wonder is through all foolish thoughts
What brings release from a spouse’s bondage
In the senior church the interest of the clergy.
My torment without cure, my treachery squeezing me,
My patience is strong and my outbreak is the least,
What we need is no one,
Our hearts long for the knot of the uniform.
The sight of a virgin goat is not poor
The volume and the ghost of their members and their brethren,
Their faces blushed and their smiles lit up,
Body and waist and capacity for inertia,
Freshness, beauty, flower and youth,
Ramhadas bone and flesh weight,
Martas heavy and back without rubbing,
Undoubted strength and desire without cooling.
They have all the juice on the table of the sages,
Goods and gold for drinking and delight,
They have feathers to sleep on and fat to eat,
Flour and sweetness of merriment and wines.
They are usually a young and talented young man
And we know that they are flesh and blood.
Nostalgia I would not accept wooded cafes,
Disease swimmers or foals without lights,
But old males, strong stollers,
In sleep deprivation it is a work in progress!
I firmly believe that some of them want to
Returning to a festival, dear not me.
Fair, the order should not be combined
Hanging with a cord, arrest or condemnation,
The death of the gang, in fact, I would not hate
Full of ship to a person I would not drown,
Some of them have never reigned
It is another part of me not counting without a rule,
Assure hard without pity without attributes,
Fierce cold and hate beasts.
More are better than others,
Filled with love and festive grace.
Cows and crockery are often won
The clergy’s visit is a steel whip.
I often recall their attributes
Many of their deeds are very wise,
Often heard all over the country
An early whisper mentioned in abundance,
I saw a gorgeous section of his ramshackle
Fake surnames are a number of their children.
It squeezes out the center of my chest
Elderly women are devastated by their health
It is a shock in the country for the loss of the beasts,
A meaningless sacred seed.
It is a statue of the harsh ordeal for Ireland
Have we ever lost an ineffective rule!
I leave you to my senses
The reason for the cause is the nostalgia of the clergy.
It’s a deception to lie in my way.
I am blind without sight, enlighten my knowledge,
Recite, as you remember, the words of the prophets
The King’s apostle was the most eloquent.
Where are the powers ordered by the Demand, –
This nostalgia is the freezing of the flesh in the crown;
Paul I think did not tell anyone
Rejection of marriage but denial of promiscuity,
Parting with a relative of your size
It’s a connection to your life and your wife’s.
It’s meaningless work for a woman like me
Word of this law location to your presence,
You yourself remember the pearl of the ghost
The setting of each story is clear to you
Lasting sweet voice and victory of words
The word of the Lamb is not a false utterance,
God did not like a single mother,
It is the rule of every prophet in favor of birch.
I beseech thee, O prophet of peace,
Heavenly seed to the top of the kings,
His lights of glory crown the crowds,
Listen to my glory, cold and cold for us;
Weigh in your mind the lack of beasts
Thousands of single brides are urgent,
It’s a token because they’re next to each other
Growing and growing like a brood of geese;
The smallest toll is walking the street,
Ugly black and ugly garlands,
At least if they get enough
Vegetables, whey, and broccoli;
Your shot of heaven with age without effect
The breasts come, they squirm, they squirm.
My chest scalded! my thoughts are foolish!
Referring to each other in fire berries!
It’s hard for me to hope for joy
There are no men for every three in Munster for their wives.
Since this scarce area of goats,
Weak faint, this time is urgent,
Empty blood and noisy weeds,
The youth of the community is crouching and graying,
Long agreement to a statue without patience
For anyone on earth I find some man.
Tie them gently under the harness,
That’s forever they are left to us.

Part Five: The Judgment and the Solution

Aoibheal gives her judgment on the problems that have been discussed
in court. She promises that the priests will be allowed
marry early and allow persecution of men who do not
is willing to marry. The poet is the first person to be elected
scourge him.

The man rose on top of her bench,
The day shone in the place around it,
Her youth and beauty were beautiful in her youth,
Her voice was louder and louder.
Her fists clenched and ordered positively
Bailiff on board announcing Silence.
Her mouth was blowing lights, –
The whole court is hearing: –
I just get meaning to win
The id id function of a worried bride is a function.
I see, I think the scene is burning for me,
The Descendants of Órfhlaith Mhóire is Mheidhbhe,
The slender sage and the cowardly creature,
The crooked questioner and the beggar beggar,
The juice of the tar is the secretion of the bones
Looking forward to the peaceful blood of the sages.
We enact as the law of beasts
The seven thirds without a spouse
Your head pulled tight without pity
It is attached to this tree in addition to the tomb.
Take off his hull and coat,
His back and waist are covered with a cord.
Some have drowned in years
It’s a secret that the nail is dry,
I wasted no joy for anyone
The rage of the strongest of their limbs,
Their reputation is ruined by a woman
Waiting for no reason at the top of the tree,
I leave you a passion industry
O women of the blackened elements with joy;
Make a real poison of fires and nails,
Throw in the thoughts and intellect of women,
Put your advice together,
I give power to the making force.
I give you no space for the passions of the distant, –
I almost die without hurting them.
I do not hesitate because of my speech
The perfect case-weak fences,
The capture without the voice or the cry without the promise of joy,
The fruitless hole is the false torm,
But youth is allowed to procreate
This will make a cloak and a roof for them.
I often see fools rinsing
Falling down, I’m grateful for them,
Caught with women by day and by night
Defending their reputation and the shadow of their actions;
Standing in their fences and fences,
Their name is a happy family.
Heard a syllable and put in a belt & #;
I hate females many times—
Speak softly and call softly,
Applause, it’s dangerous to be talkative!
Still avoid the delicate powers
They still have to get married no matter what.
The day will come with a hundred full of advice
And the Pope will lay his hand on the powers,
The company will sit on the disaster of the country,
It will be released to you under fetters
The wildness of blood and the noise of the flesh
Please like these hot stools.
Any other person trained by any woman—
Read what I say and I see your pulse;
To the best of my ability do not suffer in any way
Disrespectful sneeze or Merlin in trousers,
But the gray wolves continued to chase
Fola cleanses from such weeds!

I have to move from you to walk,
My journey around Munster is long;
The journey ahead of me does not serve to delay,
Much of the business here remains unheard of.
I will turn again and it is true that it is not welcoming
Men I do not roof come to this place;
The part of them that is still in their thoughts,
Staff whose reputation must be extended,
I asserted with the noise of their fairness to beasts,
The public will see their whispers and winks.
They like it and it’s probably heroism
The scandal of single-minded married youth,
Their will does not spoil their offenses,
The sickness of blood is the growth of adultery,
Enjoyment of action or vein
But the mockery of thousands, the assertion of their achievement.
Greed for its luxury does not bring the senses to life
But talk is noise and pride of heroism,
Mustard is a matter of importance and an outbreak without a rule,
Their ability is forever without trial,
Stumbly an inert tarp in their leash,
His wives are desperately in need of him afterwards.
I will take this easy immediately,
I must obey the extent of my urgency,
I will put this group in bondage and harness
When I come again next month.

I looked exactly at the star king,
My heart weakened while we were ready for it,
I felt some ugly grin
Death is a paralysis of my bones and my senses;
I saw the country and the house swinging,
Her speech is an energy of dancing in my ears.
The bailiff’s beam comes,
It is half my color on the extension of his hand;
Draw on ears stoutly stout
I ripped her up on table top.
This baby bounces, the union hurts,
Her hands fluttered and she jumped up.
He said it was ripe — Wise crust
I have long been looking forward to exploring your background,
You are often your soul, your heart without humanity,
It’s time for you to break the law of the beasts.
Where do you get protection against the cause?
A word you did not earn his bed without athleticism.
Where is your cheap labor with a seat?
Where are the beasts grateful for your actions?
The sight of this member of his majestic maiden, –
But I do not find it detrimental to beasts;
Look closely at his genitals and limbs
From head to toe.
Be it a malformed animal
I see his bar tied without refusing
Brighter I would not graze, I would prefer yellow,
No matter the bones — I would never criticize
A person with a hump on his back and stays—
That’s often the best of crooked men;
That was often an active lance gamble
It’s crooked hips with a lively trumpet.
Some bloody prophets are inadequate
The perfect dolphin left in unison,
What is already in the interests of the country, –
To reign for a time in the friendship of men,
Playing sports music is a joy
Play and drink at the sage’s table,
For the team baked for a festival,
The swimmer for whom I was honored to surrender.
Gorgeous pleasing beneficial beneficial characteristic
His name is merry merry and gay.
The Lord did not command such an animal, –
Gamsmnaí still near gray!
I tremble with desire for your condemnation,
Help is short for foolish talk,
It is a crime of a direct manner to confront—
Ten times without a spouse.
Hear me the fame of the patient,
I get help in the cause of the virgin;
The torment and the dullness I am meaningless,
Dear ladies, I intend to pay for it.
Cúnaigh I say to you, take it, take it,
Una I call you and get me a cord;
Where are you Anne, don’t miss out!
Tie, Mary, her hands behind her back!
A Mhuirinn, a Mheadhbh, a Sadhbh is a Síle,
Apply it with diligence
Top of every scallop ordered by the chick,
Dip in the flesh every knotted cord,
Generously measure the pains and hardships
With Brian ‘s buttocks and thighs, without any pity;
Take the hands and raise the scourge,
My dear women are a happy example!
Cut deep, he did not earn a favor!
Get rid of it from head to toe!
His chir is heard in the lands of Eibhear
Their hearts tremble in the ungodly.
The act makes sense, I think,
The year of this act we should write: –
Solution, concealment, or theft of terror
One hundred and ten and one thousand,
Correct duplication of residual service,
Mac landed the week before that.
She takes her pen and my head is disturbed
For fear of me, the beating is frightening;
While she was writing the date
She likes a house sitting on guards,
I was terrified, my eyes were smooth,
It’s your leap from the pain to wake me up!


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