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Groom ‘Irish Dances’ Showing You How The Irish Celebrate A Wedding

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There is something magical about an Irish wedding. Over the years, I have seen plenty of Irish videos from weddings. But this one totally blew me away. I came across it first on Facebook, and it had over 8.8 million views; wow. 

It features the groom and his wedding party doing some incredible Irish dancing. You have to laugh at the howling coming from the crowd. 

I can’t even imagine how many months of practice this took to perform! Don’t let the intro fool you; it gets very good very fast. I only wish I was there! Enjoy this incredible Irish dancing. 


Did you enjoy the video? I know I did. Be sure to hit that share button. You might also like to watch this group of Irish people taking over New York City with some incredible Irish dancing. 

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