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Video Of Border Collie Playing Jenga(Yes Jenga!)

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Well, last weeks video of a penguin chasing a butterfly was a great success. Many of you commented and said how it brightened up your day. 

I have decided to include a weekly funny video in my weekly dose of Irish newsletter. You can subscribe here. 

Don’t worry the video has not frozen at the start the dog playing Jenga is just incredibly patient. 

In fact, the dog was so slow and smooth in the beginning I thought the video had frozen.

I also thought this was a once-off but apparently, there is plenty of dogs playing Jenga! I have added another video underneath this one. 

But for now, enjoy this very entertaining video of a border collie playing Jenga! 

And here is another video of a German Shepard playing Jenga! Wow. 

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David gerard Barry

Friday 15th of January 2021

these videos are great, thank you. When I was a lad my Ma had a cat that would climb on top of the t.v. and swipe at the puck when the Blackhawks were on. [She was a big Hockey fan.]

Irish Around The World

Saturday 16th of January 2021

Glad you enjoyed the videos :) I will keep them coming