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Dúlamán – A Surprising Traditional Irish Song From Ireland – “Seaweed”

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Looking for a new traditional Irish song? Well, technically this song is not “new” but the performance is. 

This song will stay with you through the day even after just one listen. You will be singing “Dúlamán do do do” in your head all day. 

I was more than pleasantly surprised by the great performance from the Choral Scholars of UCD(University College Dublin). 

Dúlamán is a traditional working song from the north of Ireland, made famous in the 1970s by the legendary Irish group Clannad.

The word ‘dúlamán’ means ‘seaweed’, and the song references two types, one for dyeing and one that is edible. These two types of seaweed also represent two different characters in the song.

The past few weeks you have all been enjoying some of the Irish music I have been sharing and I wanted to share a new traditional Irish song from The Choral Scholars of University College Dublin.

I have also included the lyrics to this traditional Irish song and the English translation, should you wish to sing along. The lyrics are from their Facebook page here.

Want to hear this traditional Irish song live? 

Well you can, in New York, they will be performing today at the American Ireland Historial Society 991 Fifth Avenue, New York at 19:00 EST

(Wednesday 13th March) and at The Metropolitan Club, New York City March 15th 2019 | 11:30 am EST.

You can see all the event and ticket details here.

Okay, let’s get to this song. Enjoy and start tapping those feet. 


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Here are the lyrics to this traditional Irish song:

Traditional Irish Song - Dúlamán (Seaweed)

Dúlamán na binne buidhe
dúlamán a tsléibhe
dúlamán na farraige
‘s dúlamán a’ deididh

A ‘níon mhín ó
sin anall na fir shuirí
A mháthairín mhín ó
cuir na roithleáin go dtí mé


Tá ceann buí ór
Ar an dúlamán gaelach
Tá dhá chluais mhaol
Ar an dúlamán gaelach


Rachaimid don Iúir
Leis an dúlamán gaelach
Ceannóimid bróga daora
Ar an dúlamán maorach


Bróga breaca dubha
Ar an dúlamán gaelach
Tá bairéad agus triús
Ar an dúlamán maorach


Goidé a thug na tíre thú?
Arsa an dúlamán gaelach
Ag suirí le do ‘níon
Arsa an dúlamán gaelach


Cha bhfaigheann tú mo ‘níon
Arsa an dúlamán gaelach
Bhuel fuadóidh mé liom í
Arsa an dúlamán maorach



Seaweed of the yellow cliff
Seaweed of the hill
Seaweed of the ocean
And seaweed of the tooth

Oh gentle daughter
Here come the courting men
Oh gentle mother
Put the wheels in motion for me


There is a golden yellow head
On the Irish seaweed
There are two bare ears
On the Irish seaweed


We will go to Newry
With the Irish seaweed
We will buy expensive shoes
said the edible seaweed


There are dappled black shoes
On the Irish seaweed
There is a beret and trousers
On the edible seaweed


What brought you to these parts?
Said the Irish seaweed
Courting with your daughter
Said the Irish seaweed


You will not get my daughter
Said the Irish seaweed
Well I’ll abduct her
Said the edible seaweed

Thanks for stopping by, this was not a sponsored post I just wanted to share this great piece of Irish music with you. 

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Dúlamán – A Surprisng Traditional Irish Song From Ireland – “Seaweed”


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jo cornille

Friday 17th of September 2021

the song is also on a brand-new record of the Ensemble Perspectives (a French close harmony group with great voices): Ensemble Perspectives, 'Playlist' (title of the cd), OuthereMusic, OMF 704. J.C.