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How Many Days Until St Patrick’s Day 2024?

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Since I have been updating my weekly dose of Irish email newsletter every Friday with how many days remained until St Patrick’s day 2024, I decided why not create a nice countdown clock? 

And so I did. 

St. Patrick’s Day Countdown 2024

St Patrick’s Day 2023 will be on Sun, Mar 17, 2024
How Many Days Until St Patrick's Day 2024?

I, for one, am very excited; it has been over two years since the world was even able to have a St Patrick’s day celebration. Mind you, not that we all didn’t celebrate in our own way 🍺🍺.

Here at Irish Around The World, I will have everything you need for St Patrick’s day! 

Over the years, I have published many articles about March 17th, and I will be updating them as we get closer to the big day. 

Where will you be celebrating St Patrick’s day this year? Be sure to comment below. \

St Patricks day 2024 Countdown

Want to celebrate St Patrick’s day with people with Irish heritage? 


I created this public Facebook group for St Patrick’s day 2024! Join here. 

Have a great St Patrick’s day wherever you are! 

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Wishing all of my family & friends a very happy St Patrick’s day.

May each petal of a four-leaf clover bring you good health,
good luck, wealth, love and happiness!


Stephen Palmer

P.S. Did you know these 20 facts about St Patrick’s day? 

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