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5 Instagram Photo’s That Show Just How Big And Great An Irish Wolfhound Is

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Many of you know just how big an Irish wolfhound can get. But these lovely people have shared just how big they can get on Instagram. I have included a link to their picture if you would like to give them a follow. 

Some things you might not know about the Irish wolfhound

  1. By 391 AD the Irish wolfhound had made his way to Rome. In Roman literature seven of them were gifted to the Roman Consul Quintas Aurelius. It was stated that “all Rome viewed with wonder”.
  2. The Irish Wolfhound has served as the Regimental Mascot of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards since its formation in 1900.
  3. U.S. Presidents Hoover and Kennedy owned Irish wolfhounds
  4. To commemorate the three New York regiments of the Irish Brigade who fought in the Civil War, a Celtic cross was constructed with an Irish wolfhound lying at its base. The Irish Wolfhound is a symbol of honour and fidelity to the people of Ireland.
  5. A wolfhound puppy can way more than 100lbs(45KG’s).

Now onto those incredible Irish wolfhound pictures: 

1. Lincoln the Irish wolfhound

Lincoln, the Irish wolfhound who by the way, has his own Instagram page with over 16k followers(wow). 

They are known as gentle giants, and you can’t help but see this in the picture below: 

wolfhound with a baby sunset

Probably one of my fav pics.

2. Murphy, the Irish wolfhound

An Irish wolfhound next to a small blue car.

“Murphy” is only eight months old in this picture!

3. The Irish wolfhound with smaller dogs:

An Irish wolfhound with two other dogs.

Getting ready for the album cover

Someone commented on this photo with:

looks like They’re about to drop the hottest music album of the year 😂

I am not sure of the name of this guy but what a great shot! 



4. Meet Moose, the Irish wolfhound. Yes, Irish wolfhound’s are really that big!

I like this photo as it gives you a gentle reminder of just how big these guys are. 

A 5 foot Irish wolfhound standing up

5. One more of Lincoln: 

Lincoln the Irish wolfhound with a small baby.


Arguably the best Irish wolfhound picture I have seen. I have never owned one of these dogs, but from the many comments I have observed on my Facebook page, it is great to see how positive they all are. 

Do you have any fantastic pictures of your Irish wolfhound? If so, please contact me and send them over. I would love to feature them. 

Irish Wolfhounds #dogs

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Marguerite Thibeau

Friday 8th of May 2020

I've always wanted and Irish Wolfhound, but having to say goodbye in 7-8 years was hard to face. So I went with an Irish Water Spaniels. Had up to 4 at a time, their like candy. Can't stop. Crazy smart and party animals. Best ever hunting dogs, a true all-rounder. So many great Irish dogs. Wish I was young enough to try them all out! I hope you do pieces of all 9 breeds!

Irish Around The World

Friday 8th of May 2020

Wow! Yes, I don't see why not. Maybe they will be in my next article. Thanks for the comment


Saturday 29th of February 2020

If I ever get back to Ireland, I am going to spend some time with these magnificent animals.