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Irish People Talking About Where They Are Going On Holidays In 1973

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Did you ever wonder how much a holiday from Ireland used to cost? Well, I found this incredible footage from C.R’s vault again. Several interviews of Irish people talking about where they are going on holidays and how much it is going to cost them (roughly). 

I was amazed when one guy said for a week in Paris and all his spending money it would cost about £200! Incredible when you realize that this was almost half a century ago. My favourite moment was at the 2-minute mark when they asked the kid from Dublin where he was going. You can see more of my old Irish videos here.


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Barbara Newton

Sunday 5th of June 2022

Sounds like Spain is really popular! I was in Spain for only a week (Barcelona), but I certainly fell in love with it and heard or read about so many places there that I would like to go. Nobody said Indiana! Ha ha....