Meet The Irish Couple Seán (101 years) and Caitlín (97 years) Dealing With The Pandemic

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Seán (101 years) and Caitlín (97 years) met in 1945 and have been cocooned by their children during the pandemic. Caitlín says

Thank God for being as well as we are, even though we are no longer as young as we were.

Hello everyone! I know that I have not published in a few weeks not sure where the time went. But this video that popped onto my newsfeed got my attention. 

The video really made my day and this lovely couple still have love, respect for each other.

I have finally made my way back from the Cook Island’s to Europe. Our one month honeymoon ended up lasting 7 months due to COVID. 

Anyway, things will be back to normal here. Enjoy this touching video and be sure to hit that share button if you enjoyed. 

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8 thoughts on “Meet The Irish Couple Seán (101 years) and Caitlín (97 years) Dealing With The Pandemic”

  1. Have family in Tipperary, Offaly and Galway. Was to go to a wedding next month. Cancelled until next year. Hope I’m still alive

  2. L9vely sentiment by Sean for Caitlin 💞 Gives me hope to see such a l9ng-lived happy couple. My own Irish Nana from Kerry lived to 97, and my other daughter (my aunt) will soon be 94 God willing. Be well and let’s take care of one another. 💚 It’s a small world, after all.🌍🌎🌏

  3. I am Irish. My grandfather was from Donnegol. My maiden name is O’Donnell. We still have relatives in Ireland the Boylan’s and(the McDonald’s of County Caven.) I married an Irishman as well( McVeen) So did my sister’s— McGraw and O’Connor. We love our Irish heritage!


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