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Night Feed By Eavan Boland – A Loving Poem For Parents

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This week I have picked number 58 from the top 100 Irish poems list. It is a beautiful Irish poem about a new mother getting up in the middle of the night to feed her baby. This a poem that I am sure all new parents will relate to. What I like about the poem Night Feed is that it doesn’t try to have a hidden meaning; Boland is just expressing in words what that moment is like. 

And she does so with fantastic imagery and description. Enjoy. 

Night feed poem

Night Feed

Eavan Boland(24 September 1944 – 27 April 2020)

This is dawn.
Believe me
This is your season, little daughter:
The moment daisies open,
The hour mercurial rainwater
Makes a mirror for sparrows.
It’s time we drowned our sorrows.

I tiptoe in.
I lift you up
In your rosy, zipped sleeper.
Yes this is the hour
For the early bird and me
When finder is keeper.

I crook the bottle.
How you suckle!
This is the best I can be:
To this nursery
Where you hold on,
Dear life.

A silt of milk.
The last suck.
And now your eyes are open
Birth-coloured and offended.
Earth wakes.
You go back to sleep.
The feed is ended.

Worms turn.
Stars go in.
Even the moon is losing face.
Poplars stilt for dawn
And we begin
The long fall from grace.
I tuck you in.

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