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20 Traditional And Unique Irish Baby Names For 2023

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I recently shared this lovely poem about a newborn baby being fed and thought I would publish a post with 10 Irish baby boy and girl names for 2023. It seems new parents are going for more and more unique baby names, which is great! So I wanted to do the same with this list and give more uncommon Irish baby names that you might not have heard of. If you do pick one of these names in the future, please come back and leave a comment it would be great to see. These names also have Irish history so be sure to look into any further that appeal to you. 

Now let’s get to these Irish baby names. Firstly I will start with the Irish baby girl names. 

Unique Irish baby names

Top 10 Irish baby girl names for 2023

  1. Cece – Cece is an Irish baby Girl name, and the meaning of this name is “Blind”.
  2. Tierney – Irish origin meaning “descendent of a lord
  3. Creidne – Creidne means “woman warrior” in Irish.
  4. Ealga – Pronounced like “Ayla”. Irish origin that means Swan, Noble. 
  5. Mallaidh (molly): meaning “star of the sea”.
  6. Tuathla (too-lah): meaning “princess of the people”.
  7. Íde – pronounced ‘ee-da’, meaning thirst
  8. Bóinn originally Boann – pronounced ‘bo-in’, meaning white cow
  9. MareIrish variation of Mary
  10. Fainche – pronounced ‘fawn-cha’, meaning free

Top 10 Unique Irish baby boy names for 2023

  1. Lochlain, meaning “Viking”.
  2. Flynn – A popular Irish surname now becoming a more trendy Irish baby boy name. 
  3. Seosamh (pronounced Show-sav) –  this is the Irish version of Joseph and means “he will add”.
  4. Ros – has old Irish origins and means ‘prominent’.
  5. Brin – Pronounced as “Breen” The word ‘bri’ means hill. Means high/noble and strong.
  6. Jarlath – A very unique Irish boy name that means “tribulation lord.”
  7. Odhran – Pronouched (O-Rawn), Odhran means “little green one.”
  8. Torin – The Irish variation, Torin, means chief from the crags. The English version, Tauren, means woodland.
  9. Eunan – Pronounced (YOO-nan) – A saint’s name from the 7th century. 
  10. Naoise – Pronounced NEE-SHA – Meaning an old Irish warrior. Also becoming popular as an Irish girl’s name. 

There you have 20 Unique Irish baby names for 2023. I tried to find the most uncomment Irish baby names. Do any of this stand out to you? Comment below and let me know. 

As I mentioned earlier, if you decide to use any of these names, please comment and let me know. Also, you can get your free weekly dose of Irish straight to your inbox right here. 

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Saturday 5th of November 2022

Seems to be a hell of a lot of lords and warriors in those days.


Saturday 5th of November 2022

Why would you name a baby blind or white cow?

Irish Around The World

Saturday 5th of November 2022

Maybe the baby is as white as a white cow or maybe your blinded by the babies beauty. Could be one of 1000 reasons really.