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Watch: The Dubliners Live in Dublin 1984(Full Concert)

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You can’t beat Irish music. And when it comes to the Dubliners, they are one of the best. I came across a wonderful 1-hour clip(you don’t have to watch it all, haha) from all the way back in 1984. I also have included the song breakdown so you can skip to your favourite song or sit back and enjoy the whole thing. Up to you. The performance was truly uplifting and moving. 

Recorded at the National Stadium, Dublin.

The Dubliners:

Dubliners Live 1984

Ronnie Drew: Guitar, Vocals
Barney McKenna: Banjo, Vocals, Mandolin
John Sheahan: Fiddle, Whistle, Background Vocals, Mandolin
Seán Cannon: Guitar, Vocals
Jim McCann: Guitar, Vocals
Eamonn Campbell: Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Background Vocals
Paddy Reilly: Guitar, Vocals

Songs & Tunes of the Dubliners:

Fairmoye Lasses and Sporting Paddy — Instrumental
McAlpine’s Fusiliers — vocals – Ronnie Drew
Banks of the Roses — vocals – Seán Cannon
Come Back Paddy Reilly — vocals – Paddy Reilly
Four Green Fields — vocals – Jim McCann
The Town I loved so well — vocals – Ronnie Drew
Selection of Reels — Instrumental
The Crack was 90 — vocals – Paddy Reilly
Carrickfergus — vocals – Jim McCann
The Midnight Oil — Instrumental featuring – John Sheahan
Marino Waltz — Instrumental featuring – John Sheahan
Molly Malone — vocals – Jim McCann
Lovely Rose of Clare — vocals – Paddy Reilly
Finnegan’s Wake — vocals – Ronnie Drew
Rose of Allendale — vocals – Seán Cannon
Selection of Reels — Instrumental
I Loved the Ground — vocals – Jim McCann
Fields of Athenry — vocals – Paddy Reilly
Dicey Reilly — vocals – Ronnie Drew

Enjoy, and don’t forget to share!  


Share this 🍀😍

Marybeth Ford

Friday 31st of March 2023

Love it . So glad to see this