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Irish Around The World

Welcome to Irish Around The World!!

My name is Stephen, I am from Co. Cork, and you will learn more about me in the weekly dose I send every Friday

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All things related to being Irish. Irish humour, trivia, heritage, pictures and much more. We are all so spread out around the world but also so connected.

Where it all began:
I created a website in 2013 to help Irish people who are moving to Australia( and recently a new group to help Irish ex-pats who are returning to Ireland.

I have always enjoyed reading about Irish heritage and how connected Irish people are around the world.

But I felt that the websites out there did not connect the people to the information, instead, they just published daily articles regardless if people cared about them or not.

So I decided to change it and create my own Facebook community called Irish Around The World.

From there it expanded to a group also called Irish Around The World, now with over 70k members!

Many of you have probably seen me popping in, and out of our Facebook group, it has been amazing to see the interaction with each member.

There has been many ups and downs in the groups. Laughs and tears but every day it continues to move forward. Thanks for being a part of it.

Thank you again for being a part of Irish Around The World.

Have a great day!

All the best,

Stephen Palmer