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What Traditional Irish Farm Life Was Like In Co. Galway, Ireland 1971

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Ever wonder what Irish farm life was like back in the 1970s in Ireland? Back then, these farmers had no phones, electricity, television, running water, toilet or car. A simpler time for sure. However, although life was simpler, it certainly was a whole lot harder. I am sure you will agree that they lived a wholesome life. 

There was also this wonderful comment on the video: 

As a child growing up these two men would not have been out of the ordinary at all, I grew up in rural Ireland and saw many people like these men , it’s not until I grew up and traveled that I saw people like this as uniquely Irish and a connection with our old culture and customs , honest earthly people living a simple but less complicated life , god bless them and may they rest in peace

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Tuesday 6th of September 2022

Thank you …. Love the story !! We all need to learn from these men !! We all need to live a simpler life .. times are difficult and of course I Hate the way the world is changing ! ☘️☘️☘️